Struggled with the intro class to programming, any advice?

I took the intro class to programming and I struggled with the problem solving part and to put the answers into code. It was difficult because I didn’t know what to do. Any advice on improving or should I change careers?

Don’t give up, work with another student or the instructor, it can take some time getting adjusted. Take time to relax, refresh, start again.

How can I get better at programming?

What does the instructor say? Some students repeat a class, and make changes such as turning in all assignments on time, working with a tutor, using resources suggested by instructor.

Of course your instructor, a student peer to peer etc but check out Learn to Code - for Free | Codecademy

Start with the beginning steps and build from there. Not sure what language your doing but you need to building blocks for understanding.

As another CS kid, I can recommend w3Schools it the absolute best.

And for problem-solving, try to work it out on paper or explain how you would do it out loud. Then try to put the explanation into code, search up what you don’t understand or what you don’t know how to do. Stack overflow should become your best friend lol.

If you need any other tips or help in general for CS/STEM DM me. :smile:

Practice make perfect in programming like so many other things. There are many free and low cost online emulators and incremental skill development plans available online. Better yet, you can buy yourself a Raspberry Pi for less than $50.00 and have free access to amazing document collections that lead you step by step though all kinds of programming techniques and have you (practicing) programming day and night.