Student Abroad Spring 2012 - Which Platform is Best For Blogging?

<p>Hey Ya'll,</p>

<p>For those students currently studying abroad, which blogging software do you use and why?</p>

<p>Blogger is of course the standard blogging service but I'm not sure of its limitations. Does anyone use Tumblr?</p>

<p>I personally used Blogger when I was studying abroad in Florence, Italy but there's a new website called that is trending on twitter. They are apparently a new student blogging community and it seems they would be a nice alternative to the standard Blogger blog that nobody reads and is hard to find on the web.</p>

<p>Honestly? The best blogging platform is handwritten letters to family and friends. </p>

<p>I bet there are more people writing study abroad blogs than reading them.</p>

<p>I know a lot of my friends/family read my blog, because they commented! I think my parents really appreciated it, because it was an easy way to catch up on what I was doing. And it's great because now I have a permanent record of what I did and when. I enjoy re-reading it sometimes, just to sort of relive that semester.</p>

<p>Anyway, to answer the OP: I used Wordpress. I like the way Wordpress blogs look - I had a very simple design with a photo from where I was studying, and a little map on the side with a dot in France showing where I was. The one thing I didn't like was that I couldn't change the font; you have to pay to get other fonts. The default is sans-serif, and I'm a serif kind of gal!! But not the end of the world. :-) I'm not sure if Blogger does this, but Wordpress also makes it very easy to track how many views you get, and where people are coming from.</p>

<p>It's not necessary to write handwritten letters in this day and age. While I certainly understand why past generations did, with the way technology is today you don't have to wait weeks for the letter to come in the mail when you can immediately see what your friend, spouse, or family member is doing abroad.</p>

<p>mrbc had a good post. WordPress is the way to go. I sent an email to the folks at Students Gone Global and they do use WordPress so I would look into them. I had no idea the actual WordPress website makes you pay for other fonts that's horrible!</p>

<p>I would say wordpress all the way. I just returned from a trip in Asia and blogger was banned there...</p>