Student body and diversity

I have heard and read multiple reviews of Trinity’s student body, all ranging from stuck up, entitled, cliquish to inclusive, diverse, and welcoming. I am wondering if I can get more input of what the student population is like. I understand that everyone will have different perspectives and opinions and there is no one description of the student body. I am open to hear from all. Specifically, how are minority treated among the students? Is there a cliquish nature?

My son just finished freshman year. He is biracial. He belongs to the Black Student Union. When I asked him about your questions, he said it is a bit cliquish, but you just have to find a group to hang with, but he hasn’t found that hard to do. The residence hall and suite arrangements should help with that some. Early in the Fall semester all the student clubs and organizations have an event where students can learn more about what they are about. The black population at TU is relatively small. My son’s faculty advisor is black and I think he appreciated that.

@TXDAD2018 thank you!