Study abroad during undergrad!

<p>I've heard that study abroad program during your undergrad makes ur resume strong. Is that true? Is study abroad worth the amount of time u dedicate in some 3rd country?
There's a study abroad program at Lehigh which I may apply for by the end of May. Could any1 suggest me whether I should apply for that?</p>

<p>Depends on the study abroad program, but in generally - it usually looks good on a resume. Do your research.</p>

<p>It depends. My seniors from Nepal did do study abroad, and they loved it! I know a lot of people doing study abroad in Spain, Germany, New Zealand, etc. They say it was pretty awesome. but I'm not going because I'd much rather spend my time infront of my computer doing projects than go out, and be a tourist.</p>

<p>hey guys dere...i have cmplted my high shcool nd nw m tryn to go us for my further studies..actually i wnt to be a pilot ...which course cost is around 40 lakhs and my financial documenst are made up..what should i do more</p>