Studying in the US as and International student

Hello everyone!!

New to this! I’m wanting to apply to university in the US from the UK, I’m considering Stanford and Harvard but also got some others in mind to also apply for as I know the acceptance rate for these are especially low!!

Just here to see if anyone has any advice or any tips or even experiences in admission to these schools?

Couple of questions based on your other 2 posts:

You say that “i have finished college and have enough credits to move onto university to undertake a degree. I fall in the US as a transfer applicant as i have college credits.”.

Are the “college credits” you refer to university credits? Apologies if you already know this, but in the US “college” and “university” are used interchangeably by most people- both refer to third level. Third level credits only count towards transfer status if you take them after you have completed secondary level, so a university level course taken as a secondary school student does not make you a transfer student. Foundation Years also do not count as having been enrolled in university.

As for getting in to HYPS, odds for everybody are tiny, they are tinier for international students, and if you are actually a transfer student they are simply infinitesimally small - but we know nothing about you to be able to give you any advice.

For international students there are two big questions: what is your budget, and is your goal to go to university in the US no matter what, or only if you can get into a tippy top name?

@leilahodges19 We recently received a similar question and wrote this article to cover the topic in depth. This article might answer some of your question. You can read more at this link: