Suggest Colleges/Chance me

Intended Major: Economics
International Student (India)
100% Financial Aid needed

No AP or Honors class offered in School
GPA: 4.0
SAT I: 1540
Math II: 780
Literature: 780


  1. Participated in 10+ MUNs; Organised Uthaan, a nationwide MUN with 800+ delegations in 12 committees; Chaired at 2 MUNs; Trained 250+ Junior Delegates
  1. I run an Agency serving clients in India and UK.
  2. Published Article on Role of Gig Economy in Pandemic Recovery.
  3. Online Coursework- Edx: AP Microeconomics, AP Macroeconomics; Coursera: Economics of Money and Banking; Yale Open Course: Game Theory.
  4. Led the school team in 12 inter-school and state level competitions; 9 won; Coached 15 team members for the same.
  5. Started playing chess as complete beginner with 400 ELO rating in Grade 10; Achieved 1200 ELO rating as of September 2020.
  6. member of Student Council for 4 years.
  7. Student Editor of School Newsletter
  8. Member of IT club in Grade 9 & 10. Elected Club Head in Grade 11. Grew the club from 45 to 66 Members. Organised 2 inter-school competitions.
  9. Provided study help to underprivileged kids; Taught English and Hindi language courses to students of Grade 3; Became the go-to English helper

Planned Colleges:

  1. Colby College
  2. Carleton College
  3. Colgate University
  4. Tufts University
  5. Amherst College
  6. Harvard University
  7. Boston College
  8. Babson College
  9. Hamilton College

Your stats sound pretty good for these schools although try retaking the sat if you can as it will give you a slight advantage and remember just list your percentage you should not convert it to a 4 point scale GPA as no college will ever do that and you’re jus gonna go wrong.
Your extracurriculars have room for improvement as you should have some national or international recognition and conduct and publish some research on economics in a top tier journal or magazine. Also has you have taken many EdX courses that’s a good thing but I see you took the Ap macro and micro course so why not self study for the Ap exam as well I’m sure their offered in many cities across India and you can get more information regarding this at College boards website. Also try starting a business or a business/finance/entrepreneurship club that may also help jus do something to set you apart from the crowd as the competition is very tough for internationals students. You also need 100% financial need which makes it even more difficult only Harvard and Amherst in your list are need blind which means you won’t be at a disadvantage for asking aid. Also try looking for some schools that offer merit scholarships like Cornell duke Chicago Emory etc don’t forget do do your research and their are tons of information online also check out collegevine to get a better estimate of your chances and good luck.