Suggested Threads Out of Date

When one reaches the bottom of a thread, there are several suggested threads. Many are very old. I see people responding to very old threads and wonder how they manage to dig them up. Now I realize that CC is steering them to those threads. Is there a way to only suggest threads that have been active in the past 3 mos?


I agree!


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I made some tweaks to the suggested threads:

  • Only shows threads from the same category
  • Only shows threads from the last 90 days

Let me know if it starts showing more helpful suggestions.

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The change made it worse for me.

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Is there a way to include our watching/tracking threads even if they were started over 3 mos ago? They used to be at the bottom (with a blue number next to the title) indicating that a new comment was added.

Agreed. Not having unread watched threads being amongst the suggestions is a huge step backwards IMO @CCAdminMike

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I reverted. I’ll see if there are other ways to change this…