Suggestions for fun, popular restaurants in LA

I’ll be staying near Beverly Hills and ubering everywhere. I’ve only been to restaurants in Santa Monica area, so am familiar with those, but not LA. Looking for cool bars, too. Atmosphere is important, maybe more so than the food, actually. Thanks!

Note that you will need a vaccination card to eat or drink anywhere in Los Angeles. Suggest you have a electronic card.

AOC, Connie and Teds, Dan Tana’s, Bicyclette all have thriving bar seasons and great food. Spago too.

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Thank you! Yes, we will have our CDC cards.

These are all over the map. Some are in West LA, but you may not know them.

For atmosphere and booze, Everson Royce Bar is a hoot. Neat is a fun hangout too. Both make great mixed drinks and have a classic, old bar vibe. ERB has outdoor seating too. Good Times at Davey Wayne’s is on the list, but haven’t been yet. They’re well known for their Old Fashioned on tap.

For food, Parks Korean BBQ. YUM! For breakfast/brunch, love Destroyer. Gjusta is a great sandwich shop. Angry Egret is awesome too, and more unique. I hear Wexler’s is very good, but I haven’t made it yet.

Have fun! Jealous!


@conmama The Formosa Cafe - look it up, it’s got history and character in spades! - 7156 Santa Monica Blvd. West Hollywood - it’s historical.

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Thanks everyone!

Late to the party, but two places that we liked were Spago and Cut. Wolfganag Puck is the chef/owner of both. Cut is primarily a steak place.

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Redbird in downtown L.A. is very good. It has an interesting menu and is in the former rectory building of the historic Vibiana cathedral. Redbird | Restaurant with Outdoor Seating

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I love Destroyer; it is my fave breakfast spot!

Other great dinner / vibey places in or near Culver City are:

Dear John’s (steeped in old Hollywood history)
Rush Street (vibey bar & grill)
Culver Hotel (bar and restaurant)
Bianca (recently opened)
Pasta Sisters (homemade pastas, moderate prices)

A bit further away, but still close to ‘town’

Bacari on 3rd
Locanda Veneta (tiny italian, oldtime vibes, great food)


Check out Gladstones in Pacific Palisades. We went there when it was still Gladstones 4 Fish, but I heard that it’s less tacky now, unfortunately. However, the view cannot be beat.

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If you’re heading downtown, Bestia was amazing when we went a few years ago.


How will I ever choose!?