<p>One school just had two freshman do varying degrees of attempted suicide.</p>

<p>When we were interviewing, I remember one of the "top schools" had that problem and had a sleep / stress consultant come in and made major changes.</p>

<p>Anybody else seen this at schools you know of?</p>

<p>A classmate of mine committed suicide at boarding school. From time-to-time, there were rumors that other had made such attempts, but in my 3 years at the school, he was the only death (on or off campus). The atmosphere at some schools can seem merciless and oppressive, yet still, it's hard to know what "baggage" someone is bringing when they step onto campus.</p>

<p>In 2000, Andover's school president committed suicide. While this isn't common, I'm pretty sure it happens at even the best schools. Luckily, most schools have talented counselors whose job it is to try to prevent terrible things like suicide from happening.</p>

<p>A tough topic to bite on! Like Tom said, this happens at the best of schools (and the worst, <em>cough Andover cough</em>) but more important is how they deal with it. The same applies to drugs, sex, booze, and everything else.</p>

<p>Restless Virgins, I thought. Every school has a scandal, Andover and Exeter. Exeter had a drama person who had a huge porn file thing with a bunch of Exeter students. Andover had bush, that beats all.</p>

<p>Good point, that.</p>

<p>Oh... and sorry to make your post mostly incoherent... Deleted my post when I realized I posted the wrong book.</p>

<p>No problem... :). Forget about Bush, we won't have any more idiots in top prep schools as we drift away from plutocracy and aristocracy!</p>

<p>I do hope so! There will always be admissions mistakes... just not as many as in generations past! [Most] schools are no longer the country clubs that they used to be.</p>

<p>any MX scandals?</p>

<p>Probably, but I don't know of any publicized ones. You'll probably hear all about them when you're there.</p>

haha you're going to Bush's alma mater. sorry, I had to :)
has anyone seen the google home page today?</p>

<p>um...there's nothing special on it....(I dont think)</p>