Summer 2022 Update

Good afternoon everyone,

I haven’t posted anything for months because I’ve been busy but now I have some time to talk. So far, summer has been treating me well. I love not feeling stressed out 100% of the time. I am taking three summer classes with totals of up to 9 credit hours (full-time status) and working at my retail job 40 hours a week and I’ve still managed to enjoy my summer and earn good grades in all of my classes. Everything is going semi-okay at “home”. My Walmart location close to “home” is treating me way better than the one near Purdue’s campus because the managers are more lenient, negotiable, and fair. I have Fridays and Saturdays off from work so I do whatever I can to enjoy the most out of my last free summer (go to the movies, hang out with family, tour the nearest big city in my area, go shopping, etc).

As far as academics at Purdue, I am not on academic probation but instead was granted a full ride at the university starting the Summer/Fall 2022 terms. I am not participating in the accelerated pharmacy program at Purdue, I will take my math/science classes at my own pace while majoring in something else at another college at Purdue, and then apply to pharmacy school after my 1-2 gap years from undergrad. I’ve already found a great major at Purdue that overlaps with most pre-pharmacy prerequisites, and also contains a strong foundation in business and liberal arts. So this major is combined with three things at once and it’s well rounded. I think that taking harder classes at my own pace is the key to my academic success and there is no rush to work a 9-5 after college.

Although I finished high school in 7 semesters, the school district allowed me to participate in the senior activities and commencement ceremony with everyone else in my class and I am so grateful for that. I had lots of fun seeing my former classmates, teachers, faculty, and staff for the very last time. I am going to miss this summer when I go back to Purdue in August for my second semester of freshman year. :smiley:


So happy for you that things are going well. Congrats on all your hard work paying off!


Yay!! Congratulations! Thanks for sharing your good news, it brightens my day!
Wonderful to hear about your hs celebration, new major, support at work and university.
Marvelous that Purdue has great options for you.


So happy to hear the good report!


Congratulations. Don’t know how you do it. One day you should write a book… Lol… Glad that things are working out for you.

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Thanks for the update. That all sounds wonderful. I am glad you decided to go back for the senior events and allowed yourself to enjoy it.

Good luck when you go back in the fall. Enjoy the summer.

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