Summer Camps Bring Ominous Virus Warning in Test Run for Schools

quote – Summer camps in parts of the U.S. are closing as children and counselors test positive for Covid-19, a troubling sign as the country debates whether schools should start in-person instruction as soon as next month. From storied sleep-away camps in Missouri and Arkansas to city-run day programs in small-town Texas, a staple of the American summer is finding it’s not immune


This is not good and it seems that any school opening will be disaster. No one has really made any preparations except empty talks.

Not all of us consider kids getting COVID a catastrophe, given the low rate of serious illness among children. Indeed, some of us know quite a few kids who tested positive who were a little under the weather for a day, and just fine the next day. Their parents were definitely more affected, but that occurs only if camper/student returns home while still contagious.

That may be true, but I feel that lot of time has been wasted on empty talks and not solid prep to fight it and minimize it.

Any potential disaster would be the infection of teachers, staff, and parents who are in contact with the infected kids, even if the kids are unlikely to suffer bad results.


But why did not we copy Japan or Korea. Why we waited so long. They have opened the school and everything is manageable.

But no one knows yet whether there are any long-term effects from COVID – possibly even for children who are infected and only “a little under the weather for a day.” Maybe not catastrophic if they’re ill now, but we don’t know the impact of that 2 years or 5 years or 20 years out. And we won’t, for a long time. I would still want to be protecting children from contracting this.

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Has anyone heard of examples of sleepaway camps that opened successfully? With no covid?

Had a patient just return from a sleep away Y camp. They said they had an amazing time. Lots of covid precautions. The camp just started a few weeks ago and no reports so far.

My D is working at a daycamp and they are in week 4 and so far ok. They are creating pods. so that if a counselor or child is sick that only affects 10 people total. They is a sleepaway camp in the Carolinas that is still running. of course the articles are going to talk about the failures and not the successes.

^Is the day camp running testing?

Headlines and selective reporting. Omission of counter evidence. It’s a game and all about clicks.

Plane crash signals ominous warning for the future of air travel.

Versus 10000 planes land safely today.

We will all find what we need to confirm our beliefs if we look at google headlines all day.

A bi-directional truth, to be sure.


If I’m tracking with you correctly, I agree with you 100 percent!

Confirmation bias and reporting hyperbole knows no ideological bounds. It’s universal and on all sides.

I would bet good money that there are thousands of day camps and others doing just fine.

I’m also sure others have a problem and it’s important.

I’m just refusing to live my life in a state of fear and anger 24 7.

I follow the rules. Help others and try to have a laugh.

This is the worst of the time, this is the best of the times.

One of the two main day camps used by parents in my school district just shut down (unable to finish their final few weeks of the season) due to multiple infections of both campers and staffers. They had some precautions in place, but were not requiring masks…campers were split into cohorts but didn’t have to socially distance within their cohorts. Their COVID precautions this summer were:

-Game equipment disinfected in between groups using the equipment.
-All campers and staff screened each morning including temperature taken
-Bathrooms and changing facilities cleaned at least twice a day
-Hand sanitizer stations increased and campers required to wash hands or use sanitizer before each activity or snack/lunch
-No large group gatherings in the schedule
-Campers grouped according to specialty they signed up for and experienced camp with their small group plus one other group (cohort) of the same gender for the duration of the week.
-Within their cohort plus paired cohort group, social distancing not enforced
-Cohorts required to social distance from other cohorts
-Every two-group pair had their own section of the pool to swim in that was supposedly “sufficiently” distanced from other groups. Amount of time kids could stay in the pool was limited and each camper could only visit the pool once a day.

The other main day camp is still open as of now - their rules included two that the other camp did not have: enforced social distancing and staff required to wear face masks

This thread makes it sound like if there’s a person who is tested positive for covid at a summer camp, that means that it was a mistake to open camps. Look, if a person stays within their community, there will be positives. If they leave their community, there will be positives. And when schools go back this fall, there will be positives (and if kids stay home, there will be positives).

In my large city on the east coast:

  1. all private schools have announced that they will be opening.
  2. all public schools have announced that they will be closed (online only)
  3. Public school parents are setting up their own schools in back yards, etc. to start this fall and paying teachers on their own.

There will be positive tests for all 3 of those scenarios.

Well, two crashes of the Boeing 737 Max halved Boeing’s stock and shutdown the plane flying to this day.

Kids will get Covid and children and adults will die. How many is acceptable?

Camp Modin, a private Jewish sleepaway camp in Maine. I know many Modin families (who have now aged out).

But of course, the summer isn’t over yet.