Summer College grades and college admission.

<p>I just got my grades for University of Chicago summer school Intensive Japanese 101. I got a B+, and well, you see, Chicago is notorious for being extremely difficult.</p>

<p>Would sending my transcript to universities that i apply to help me or hurt me.
I mean it is not an A, which is obviously not a great thing, but it is the toughest B+ you could ever come by.</p>

<p>Cause it has to be better than a B+ at a junior college course right?</p>

<p>I don't really know the answer to this question, but I am very very interested in what people say for the reason that i took Introduction to Comparative Politics from UCLA Extension this summer. And obviously a course at UCLA or UChicago would be more difficult than a community college course. </p>

<p>I know this post didn't really help you, but I just wanted to let you know of my interest in this, and if I find out anything I will post again.</p>

<p>:( i was hopin for somethin helpful...</p>

<p>haha sorry, you'll get some good answers to come. Sorry I couldn't be of more service.</p>

<p>Most applications (including the Common App) ask if you've taken any college courses, and if so, to list them and the grade. So you have to list them. Once you've done so, send the transcripts. (And B+ is just fine; it shows you can be successful at college work.)</p>

<p>Did these courses award you college credit? If so, sending the transcripts could also get you credit from your college. (My d is getting credit for a course she took at Cornell's summer college.)</p>

<p>Yes it was for credit. You don't have to list them do you? Cause im appying to only 1 common app school, and im pretty sure their page says i don't have to do anything like that.</p>


<p>Why do you see your B+ as a detriment? College grading is tougher than high school; a B is perfectly respectable. Taking that summer college course shows initiative on your part, a love of learning and a particular interest in an uncommon language. Colleges love all of those things, and admissions counselors are familiar with the University of Chicago's reputation. You would be foolish to leave it off your application.</p>

<p>Just send it, B+ at University of Chicago which has major grade deflation as well as being one of the top 10 schools in the country is an amazing achievment, much better than straight A's at a bunch of stupid courses at some community college.</p>

<p>okay i will. Its expensive to send a billion different transcripts though, so ill probably just send it to my top choices (5 of them really)</p>

<p>Double check that one - Cornell sends the transcripts for free. I'd be surprised if Chicago charges more than a nominal fee, if anything. Remember that the college sends the transcript directly to the schools you list; they don't send it to you for you to send out.</p>

<p>I agree with midwesterner.</p>