Summer/Fall 2021 Transfer Admission

Howdy y’all,
I couldn’t find a thread for Fall 2021 transfers but I wanted to see if I could get some insight on my chances.
Im enrolled in the TAMU Engineering Academy (Blinn Brenham) and I decided it wasn’t for me and in order to change my major, I’m having to completely transfer into university again (which is so weird already having the TAMU ID and sports pass and everything).
1st/2nd choice- Psychology, Communications
GPA- 3.5 (took a huge hit this semester in freshman engineering, got a D in calculus)
Hours- 59 at time of application
*All required coursework is completed with all As and one B
-I didn’t have a ton of ECs with it only being my first semester, did include that I’m an Impact counselor this summer
-included that I’m a leasing agent at one of the apartments in CStat
Thanks for any feedback and if anyone knows of another Transfer thread, let me know!

Howdy! I think you have an excellent shot at admissions. You’ve already applied right? Where did 59 credits come from? That’s a lot for one semester of school even with DC and AP. If you have 24 completed and graded by application date then I think you are solid. Your essay should have shown passion for psych and what you want to do with it. That’s the biggest thing departments look at in essays. They don’t want anyone just trying to find an easy major (not that psych is).

Good luck and please keep us posted!!!

I think you have a good shot! You’ve got enough hours and a decent GPA.

I haven’t noticed anyone make a thread yet either, so I’ll post here too if you don’t mind.

I’m applying for summer transfer into Mays
I have 57 hours (Blinn Bryan)
All required & suggested coursework
4.0 GPA
all usual community service & volunteer work
no job experience unfortunately
Applied January 1st, currently in review

Really worried I won’t get in, I was rejected from A&M as freshmen out of highschool despite nearly making auto admit lol

Oooh a 4.0 at blinn will bode well for you. Good luck. I think you’ll get the answer you worked for!!! Please report back!!!

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@AggieMomhelp Awesome, yay! Yes, I came in with 47 hours from Dual credit. I sent in my application on the 2nd but have been hung up on the essay Real bad. Ive already written it, just working on tweaking it. Do you think all my hours will hurt me with it only being one semester? Thank you so much for the help!

Did you do at least 12 hours in the fall?

So are you still working on essay? If so make sure you show passion and drive for the major and what you’ll do with it. Now is not the time to be generic. Hope that helps.

Ag Dad 92 back again !

Daughter didn’t make it straight in from HS to TAMU, so she took the transfer route via Blinn College (Bryan) What do you think her chances are for Fall 2021 Transfer into Sociology?

Application sent in last week.
Seemed very happy with her Statement of Purpose Essay.
30 total hours (DC, Summer and Fall 2020) - Overall GPA 3.4
Fall 2020 was a 15 hours and 3.4 GPA

She pretty much went straight down the transfer course sheet, knocking them out 1 course at a time.

Thank you all for any insight on her chances and when we might hear back. I know the Howdy Tabs will say a lot, just wondering when Liberal Arts has historically sent back admission decisions for Fall

Yes, I did 12 hours this past fall and have 12 hours planned for the Spring semester.
Thank you so much for the essay tips! I was a little stuck on it.

As long as you have 24 graded credits and 12 came after high school (not just dual credit). Then they won’t defer you for grades.

My friend applied to transfer into communications BA at Texas A&M for fall 2021. She is currently at community college and got a 4.0 last semester (but 3.68 combined with dual credit class from highschool). She just received her transfer audit which showed she only has 19 transferable hours, which I guess just includes her graded/completed hours from last semester. She has 16 hours in progress right now, does this mean she will get deferred for spring grades? Will she get denied?
Any information is helpful!

She will most likely get deferred for spring grades if only 19 are showing up. They want 24 graded (meaning completed) at time of application.

Luckily the only required transfer course for TAMU is Eng. so yay. IF she has her foreign language and Maths complete (at least one complete and one in progress), then that will look great too! Good Luck to her!!! What was her audit GPA?

Thank you so much for the response! Her audit GPA is 3.68 (5 A’s but got a C in a dual credit class junior year). Do students who get deferred for spring grades often get in/do you know when?
Thanks again!

Yes, typically they do get in! And her GPA is great. I think she will get the decision she wants. Tell her to stay focused this semester!!! And let me know what ends up happening, please.

Hello! I am the friend she was referring to. Do you know when I might find out if I get deferred and just to make sure if I get accepted under my deferment that will mean I can still attend in the Fall of 2021 correct? Thank you!

Hi friend! And you’ll probably head closer to March. Before spring break I would guess. Every year is different. And yes, if deferred for grades/courses then you’ll still go in the Fall!!! They make quick decisions (early June typically) for deferred students.

The issue will be if you’re deferred by admissions because you don’t have the hours completed or if they send you on to department and they defer you. I’m not sure how they are handling this. Sorry I can’t be more help!

Howdy! Recently I just had a friend send in their application to TAMU, hoping to transfer in for Fall 2021.
He’s planning to major in Horticulture BS.
He attended Blinn for 3 semesters, where he completed 29 credits achieving a 3.314 GPA. After this semester he’s hoping to have a 3.512 GPA and 41 completed credits.
Aside from Blinn, he also took two DC courses in high school through ACC. Sadly, he was going through the “high school phase,” and ended up with 2 C’s, for a total GPA of a 2.00 for 6 credit hours.

He focused his admissions essay on discussing how he’s overcome his challenges and how dedicated he’s become to his grades/courses.

For those who are familiar, what do you think his chances of getting accepted are? I’m aware that the Horticulture department has a lower GPA requirement (2.50), but even though it’s lower, would he still have a decent chance of getting in?

I think he has a solid chance. They will definitely look at the upswing in grades since high school. That’s great!

Does he have the required courses completed for the program? And what’s his second choice major?

Here’s the transfer link for the major. You guys have probably seen it already, but just wanted to be sure.

Keep us posted!!

He’s completed all the required courses. He followed the exact same transfer degree plan for Horticulture BS and has finished all of them. After this semester, Blinn will no longer any transferable courses for him to take.

Currently he’s taking courses such as Philosophy (to count for a TAMU Language Philosophy Culture requirement) and Architectural history (for a Creative Arts requirement). The transfer course sheet doesn’t even include a 4th semester so I’m not sure what other classes he could even take!

That’s awesome. He really shouldn’t have a problem getting in.

Please let me know when it’s official tho. Best of luck but I’m not worried!

Hi everyone.
I am applying for Fall transfer into the School of Engineering
My major is Electrical Engineering
Finished all requirement coursework in Spring 2020
4.0 GPA (Lone Star College)
61 credit hours (begin → Fall 2020) including 6 credit from ESL
Gonna be 74 after Spring 2021 since I wanna finish up my Associate degree
No electrical job experience, but work as a stocker at Walmart and a peer tutor (math and physics) at Lone Star College.
Volunteer at Houston Food Bank from 06/2019 till the beginning of the pandemic.

I am still working on my application, and have a lot of questions to ask.
Is supplemental question like diversity and difficulty important?
What is the acceptable answer length for each question?
Will submitting an application close to the deadline limit my chance of acceptance?
I am also wondering if 74 credits will reduce my chance.