Summer Food In A Bowl (or plate!)

How do you freeze your pesto? The ice cube tray method?

I’m not garland but I’ve tried so many pesto freezer methods but my favorite is to just freeze the basil so it’s ready whenever I need it. Just wash the leaves, put them in a freezer bag, drizzle some olive oil, shake well, and then freeze. You can tear off whatever amount of basil you need and it defrosts almost instantly. It’s so easy and totally works.


:hushed:! I didn’t know you could freeze the leaves! Do they turn brown?

Nope! They stay green!

Going to try this! I have tons of large leaf and small leaf.

I like the pesto to be in the right amount for a pasta meal, so I blend leaves and oil and pack in quart size freezer bags. They stack well. i add the rest of the ingredients after defrosting (blending again.) My son-in-law makes it with all the ingredients from the start and freezes in gallon size. I don’t have the planning to have all the ingredients ready when I’m freezing multiple batches, so I use my two step message.

Both seem to work well.


Interesting. I haven’t ever tried it that way.

Summer food in a bowl, seafood gumbo with lots of Anaheim peppers and tomatoes, but the okras were store bought.
My husband liked it a lot, for me I added a bit of Tabasco sauce.
Everything was cooked outside, so no heat inside.


I brought this to a dinner party last night as a side dish. It could easily standalone as a main dish in my house. It was literally “NJ summer” in a bowl, as I either grew in my backyard or picked up at the local farmer’s market all of the ingredients except for the farro and feta. It was a huge hit: Summer Farro Salad {Simple & Fresh} - Two Peas & Their Pod