Summer gym membership for theatre BFA student

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<p>My D who is about to start a BFA program is also joining a gym this summer to get herself in shape for the upcoming year! My gym has a student rate which you can pay by the month. If you are not a member of a gym it could be pricey because you might have to join under family membership. I know that gyms are struggling however and are offering special rates. Local Y's are also usually pretty good.</p>

<p>Call around because rates vary more than you might think, and I've found that specials often aren't advertised. I wouldn't be surprised to find some good summer or student rates--when I joined here I asked about the rate for a high school student, just for future reference, and found my daughter could join my membership for free!</p>

<p>Also, ask if one or two private training session might be offered for free with the sign up. This can be valuable as the trainer can set up a workout plan for your son that can make his time more efficient and effective.</p>

<p>Also, if you find a gym that offers yoga classes as part of their class offerings, you might end up saving money!</p>

<p>My local gym offers a special summer membership for college students.</p>

<p>Often the local YMCA or Parks and Rec dept. may have inexpensive gym memberships for the summer.</p>

<p>You could also see if a local college offers inexpensive summer memberships to the college facilities... or, if he could take yoga there for credit, and get access to the gym facilities. </p>

<p>Resistance bands, a balance ball, and small weights can work wonders as well if a gym is cost prohibitive.</p>

<p>Great suggestions! Thanks so much to everyone. :)</p>

<p>Be careful of gyms with contracts that require a penalty to exit - this could be costly if the gym doesn't have a location near his campus which he can continue to use through the year (and most universities now have wonderful gyms available to the students). I would agree with the above - stick to a local Y or a summer rec program.</p>