Summer housing in Boston?

<p>One of my students will be doing a summer internship with a theatre company in Boston. She is exploring her summer housing options. She is looking for housing from the second week in June through mid-August. Would like to be in Boston, but could live outside the city as long as it was safe and walking distance from the T. She is looking for a furnished apartment or room.</p>

<p>She has been looking on Craigslist,, etc... and is exploring summer internship housing at universities, but I said I would email people I knew in the area and post here.</p>

<p>Do any of you who live in Boston (or the surrounding area) know of anyone who is looking to rent out a room in their home or sublet an apartment (or room in an apartment) from early June through mid-August? Or have any of you had children who have secured housing in Boston for the summer? Any other ideas?</p>