Summer Internship

I am currently a junior of the class of 2025. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, my summer research internship at a local university was canceled. The internship that I was going to attend was very selective and most of the high school interns are able to get their research published. I was banking on this pretty heavily to be my summer activity and also provide a research hook when applying to T20s. With this opportunity gone, are there any remote internships that I could look into and possibly apply to? I’m mainly interested in computer science opportunities but any research internships are good as well.

I am in the same boat as you :neutral: . I’m pretty sure that T20s will realize how big of an impact that COVID-19 has had on us students. I would recommend you to just try and keep up with your Ecstatics remotely, and maybe taking an interesting class at a local community college.

Best of luck!

My guess is that college admission officers will understand that about 95% of over achievers just got screwed out of internships and pricey summer programs, so I’d relax and take a well earned nap tbh.

If you’re really interested in gaining research experience, keep in mind that the summer after your senior year is (at the moment) still an opportunity. You’ve got your whole collegiate life to grab some lab job but if you MUST start ASAP, you could consider trying to find a summer job senior year

Yeah this is pretty rough. Thanks for the advice!

So sorry for your situation. So many kids who worked their tails off to earn these awesome opportunities are affected. This is hard to swallow and process but actually is a test of your resiliency, ingenuity, etc. Much of life is unknown and out of our control. This is just another example. How you respond to these hurdles is key to becoming your future self.

You may find there are no structured programs (or maybe there are). Either way, use your time wisely. Have some fun (can’t be work all the time), but be productive. Tons of online classes you can take to further your development. Learn a new language. Write a book (who cares if it’s published, just speak to your experiences or whatever moves you). Get in the best shape of your life. Film a movie. Whatever it is, you’ll have tons of live material to discuss with future employers, grad school AOs, etc. Talk about situations where you had to overcome - this is a goldmine for that!

Chin up!