Summer Music Festivals 2022

Hello! So in hopes of having a normal summer of 2022 I am starting this thread to discuss the different festivals open to both HS and college age musicians. We are having a hard time figuring out what S24, flutist should apply to besides BUTI flute intensive and wind ensemble. He had a wonderful experience at the chamber music intensive at New England Music camp this past summer and will go back there depending on other options. So many choices!


D22 attended Green Mountain Chamber Music Festival (live & in person last year) and had a wonderful experience. The entire experience was stellar. They had moved to St Mike’s campus and I think that the administration is still figuring out if they will stay there or return to UVM for this summer.

This year she has her heart set on NYO but with ED stuff due 11/01, youth orchestra concert on 11/06, and NYO due 11/11 - its anyone’s guess…


Amazing! Goof luck to her! Someone from our high school did NYO this year and I heard it was fabulous, S24 is too young for NYO but I will look into Green Mountain, that sounds wonderful! Ugh!!! no winds!!! Looks beautiful and amazing though!

Eastern Music Festival is really great…check that one out.


I will! Looks great!

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Ditto EMF - D23 went there this summer, had 5 weeks of making music with a lot of new friends! Loved it! They did an outstanding job of communicating well with families and making sure staff and students were safe and healthy.


So he is ready to start working on applications and recordings and I was wondering about Brevard? Looks like there were some posts on it a few years ago. Looks like they take winds and the right age range, does anyone have experience, esp with the High School division?

My son attended college division at Brevard last summer. They only accepted a limited number of college students due to pandemic restrictions. I am not familiar with the HS program, but he felt the college program was very worthwhile. Studio classes and private lessons were good, and of course very intensive orchestral training which was the highlight for him, especially after the pandemic year with no orchestra. He rarely shares information outside of the music experience, but seems that food was fine, lodging was fine, scenery was lovely, bugs and snakes were large. :rofl:


HA!!! Thank you so much! Will add it to the list!

One thing I would check is the opportunity for students to play principal parts. In the college division, generally the professors rotated through the principal parts. My son did not mind playing second or English horn as he was likely the youngest student there. But some of the grad students were not as happy.

My son is 15, he is used to being the low man! Thanks for the advice. (That was a terrible pun that I didn’t realize after I finished typing, since he plays the flute, ugh!)

What are the recent updates for 2022 Summer Music festivals? Deadlines are approaching for summer applications, but who knows what will it be next summer? Any woodwind/ orchestra/chamber programs for HS students, besides Interlochen, Brevard, BUTI or EMF?

The Eastman Experience: Summer Classical Studies at Eastman School of Music is a great program for high school students with some great faculty!


My S has decided he is not interested in a long program. I have no idea how intense it is but he is possibly going to apply to NEC summer orchestra intensive or return to NEMC chamber music intensive. They may not be ultra competitive but they look enjoyable and are the right length.


What experience do you have with this program? Looks like another option for my S

I have personally attended the program (I’m a violinist). The program has of course been virtual the past two years, but I’m not sure what their plans are this year, I would assume back in person. It’s a three week program, that includes music theory, aural skills, music history, and elective class (some examples from past years are Alexander Technique, Conducting, and Composition.) I believe they normally have chamber music when the program is in person, but I cannot speak to that. The students typically have two lessons with faculty per week, so six lessons over the entire program. There are normally recitals at the end of the program for students to perform. I grew so much over the program and made some amazing friendships.

Great! Thank you!

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Is Norfolk Chamber Festival grad students only? Can high school student also apply? Anyone had experience with this program? Thank you!

I think it is for college age students.

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I second that. My kid loved it.