Summer Scholar

I was accepted into the UChicago Summer Scholar program this. It was a free and selective summer scholarship program for African American students. Does anyone know how selective/important it was?

Very and congratulations!

Thanks, do you have any more details about how selective it was?

The program just started in 2019 so its hard to say how selective it is, were you selected for it this year? Was it delayed to 2021 due to COVID?

“Applications will be accepted online beginning in early December. The Regular deadline to apply is February 26, 2020. Rolling admissions is not offered for this program. There is no application fee to apply. Review the Application Overview pages for more detailed information.”

I was accepted in spring 2020, I completed the program

They have similar programs for Latinos as well fyi

Well I imagine that ANY UChicago program is going to be fairly selective.