Summers and Dorms, what do you do with the stuff?

I have a question for parents of dorm kids who live some distance away. What do y’all do with their stuff over the summers? I cannot see myself having to drive 900 miles each way to drop off, pick up etc with all her stuff every May and August.

That’s a long way - what about a storage unit you can rent by the month?

I was just wondering what others might do as she won’t have a car there. I know some campuses have services that drop off boxes, the kids load them, they pick up, store over the summer and then return on move in day.

I went to an out of state college and rented a storage unit that I split with a few other students

Following my UAH son’s freshman year, we rented a storage unit near campus. The last two years, he’s had a car, so he’s brought his things home. There are several storage places in Huntsville.

Our school provides storage for students who live more than 750 miles away. (I think that’s the cutoff! )

Others rent storage units and rely on friends with cars or zip cars to get it there.

Overall, a good case for minimizing what you bring!