SUNY Delhi EOP student, EOP Transfer to Cortland or Oneonta

Hi everyone. So just to give a little background to this, I messed up during my senior year of high school, that being applying to college. Basically during the year I wasn’t on top of my work and that cost me getting into really good schools, I came to a point that I just wanted to give up and commute to college, a college that my parents could barely afford. Somehow I convinced them only for awhile, but then I made the decision to go away to college. I want to say that being an independent college student is the best thing ever, seriously it really is. It was earlier in the year around May that I only got an acceptance letter from one school I never heard of, SUNY Delhi. I didn’t understand at all how they would accept at such a late time, but I was convinced to go away to college, even though I never heard of this school I chose to go there. I just felt that I made so many mistakes in my last year of high school, I wish I could go back to 9th and change everything, unfortunately I needed to push forward. I don’t want to say all this to make people feel down or anything, it’s just that this has been on my mind ever since I started college. I’ve been in this school for about a month or two and I don’t think it’s the right place for me. But honestly I couldn’t be more grateful because I got to experience independence for the first time in my life. I know I wasn’t at the school that I wanted but it’s not like I woke up every morning hating that I’m here, I’m grateful that I’m actually a college student. So with all this said I want to say that we all make mistakes in life, and I’ve made many including my senior year, but we can keep moving forward and forget the past. Because when I first got to this school I had so many doubts in my mind, and at the end of the week I called my parents telling them I wanted to leave, but I didn’t. I’m here almost halfway done with my first semester and I could not be more happy. My homesickness was only after the first day, I kid you not, I was crying to my mom but she said keep going you got this. And I call her now saying everything is ok. Now I wanted to know which school do you guys prefer is better to transfer to, I’m taking an Intro to Criminal Justice class and I love it, and Cortland/Oneonta has these programs, but I’m stumped trying to pick one. Thing is to is that I want to be far from my parents, nothing personal lol, I just love being on my own and making my own decisions, and yes I may not like the school that I’m at now but still being independent can change your perspective in life. So just your guys opinions on these schools, also my second oldest went to Cortland and I’ve seen both of these schools, truthfully I can say I like Cortland a lot more, but I want to see what you guys say about Oneonta. I’m planning to transfer after my first year at Delhi so thank you guys for taking the time to read all this, I appreciate it and good luck to those finishing or are in their mid-year of college.

If you like Cortland more go to Cortland. The two SUNY schools offer different programs which typically drives why students choose one over another.

When you write, use paragraph breaks. It will help you organize your thoughts and serve as a courtesy to you reading.

Thanks so much I appreciate the feedback.

If dorming at a SUNY is affordable, visit the ones you’re interested in. Oneonta is on a hill. It’s a long walk if you miss the last bus from town.