SUNY ED EA Decisions Class of 2024

My D20 just received her SUNy- U of Buffalo acceptance. SUNY Albany is releasing their decisions as well. Awaiting SUNY New Paltz and SUNY Stony Brook.

Good luck to everyone.


Whoops forgot to include that we are also awaiting SUNY Bing.

Good Luck everyone!

Was the EA deadline 11/15 for these schools?

My DS received acceptance to SUNY Farmingdale and is awaiting SUNY Polytechnic, Utica.

SUNY Bing is reporting decisions for EA in State Students! We are waiting with anticipation! Good luck everyone!

Got accepted into UAlbany on 11/25
1340 SAT, ~4.0, Lots of ECs and 3 APs

@Mcarmel - some had 11/15 deadline and some had 11/1 deadline

Daughter just got admitted EA at Bing. Wave 3 of EA acceptances just came out. She is over the moon happy. Good luck to everyone.


Another good Letter, Daughter also admitted EA at New Paltz. The letters are in the mail.

Good Luck to all,


My daughter got into Binghamton (CCPA) yesterday 12/19/19 - heard via email at 7:15pm and today she got into New Paltz by getting package in the real mail, no email. She is going to Binghamton but she also really liked things about NP.

Here are her stats:
In-state NYS
GPA 87.9 US; 92.8 W
ACT 28 both times; 29 super score
Ranked in top 20% of huge public high school
Many ECs, including leadership positions
5 APs
Terrific essay (imho)

Heard from 5 SUNY’s so far from EA and Rolling Admissions and all were accepted. Patiently waiting for Stony Brook now.

Applied to all 5 on 10/28

  1. University at Buffalo: EA, Accepted on 12/6, was interviewed on Election day, Undecided/Intent on Comp Sci
  2. Alfred State College: Rolling, Accepted on 11/8, Digital Media and Animation
  3. SUNY Polytechnic: EA, Accepted on 12/13, Computer and Information Sci
  4. SUNY New Paltz: EA, Accepted on 12/19, Major not declared yet
  5. SUNY Old Westbury: EA, Accepted on 11/8, Major not declared yet

GPA: 3.4 Weighted
SAT: 1150
I have taken 6 College classes on the CUNY Queens College campus and is taking/plan to take 4-5 more.

Congrats to everyone that got accepted into schools so far and good luck to all that are still waiting!

SUNY New Paltz is now sending out requests for mid year grades from applicants - supposedly any EA/ED applicants deferred to RD and about 40% of all applicants will receive this request.

My kid just received a $20,000 (over 4 years) Presidential Scholarship from SUNY New Paltz.  We couldn’t believe this when we saw it.  I thought that state schools don’t give any Merit Awards. My wallet would really like her to go to New Paltz.  Unfortunately, I don’t think that’s the most likely outcome. We’ll see.

Same here! my daughter got 20,000 presidential scholarships from New Paltz and Albany but I don’t think that’s where she’s going to end up going. Binghamton is her first choice just hard to turn down $20,000. From what I’ve read about Albany the classes don’t sound very challenging. And New Paltz doesn’t have a big Sports atmosphere. I think she’ll get a little more of that at Binghamton. But we’re still going to attend all the accepted students days. Someone said we could write to Binghamton and tell them they are our first choice but other SUNY’s are more affordable because of scholarships. And ask if there anything they might be able to offer as far as merit-based Aid.