SUNY Korea FIT 2022

I just recently applied to the FBM program at SUNY Korea FIT for Fall 2022. Reading others’ threads, I heard the admission results take pretty long even though it’s rolling admission?? Does anyone know when I might hear back if I applied this month, November? Also, if anyone else applied, let’s be friends and talk about our applications! I’m an international student and my name is Callie!

Did you have math in high school?

Yes, I did!

hey girl i am applying now too and was wondering if you wanted to be friends

heyyy sure let’s be friends !! do u wanna get in contact through ig ?

hey everybody this is Muskaan
so i was wondering if ya’all maybe wanna make a group chat or something?
yl what just tag your Instagram and i’ll add everyone?


suree!! i’ve alrdy posted mine pls dm me ^^

has anyone received admission results back yet? it’s already April and I haven’t heard back yet.