SUNY Purchase Dance BFA

Anyone else auditioning at SUNY Purchase tomorrow? Or has anyone auditioned recently and have any feedback on the process?

My daughter auditioned last year, was accepted, and is loving her freshman year there! I’m glad to answer any questions you might have.

My d is going to apply this month to SUNY Purchase for a BFA in dance. How is life on campus? Prior to COVID19, did your student find campus life stimulating and friendly? Thanks!

@college2soon My daughter is a sophomore at SUNY Purchase in the Dance Conservatory. Purchase is definitely a welcoming school to all. Very liberal, and everyone can fit in! She has made very good friends there. The COD is supportive of the students, and the students really seem to be supportive of each other (ie not a feeling of competition). She initially was hesitant because the campus isn’t the prettiest, but the program and the dance facilities are excellent. She would always find things to do, including taking the train into the city. This year she has had a car on campus which has definitely helped. If you have specific questions just let me know!

Thank you for sharing about your daughter’s experience there. We saw the campus when YAGP was held there and loved the performing spaces, especially the studios. I shared the info. with my daughter and she was happy to hear your dancer liked it. It is a good location, not too far from NYC and not a long drive from Delaware where we live (or she can take the train.) We are exploring many opportunities, and if she can get in a second company she will take that over college, but with the pandemic, they may not be able to hire. Thanks again and continued success for your college student!

My daughter also applied to Purchase. We are waiting to hear back regarding a round 2 audition. It wasn’t initially on her list, but we have heard such great things about the program, she decided to audition. If she gets in, we are hoping to make a trip to at least look at the campus if it works out.

Same here. My daughter is also applying to the Dance Conservatory. We have heard is a wonderful program

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