SUNY Purchase for Film- Good experience?

Daughter was accepted into the Film Program for Fall 2023. One of her top choices but can’t find much information on campus life, the program and college experience compared to the other schools she was accepted at ( DePaul, Ithaca, Binghamton).

We are in state so it’s a bargain but trying to get a feel if it will be the right environment. How is campus life and academics?

mine has also been accepted and can’t find much other than it’s supposed to be a phenomenal program… going to visit next week

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Congrats on the acceptance!

We are headed to the admitted student day in April.

Would love update on your visit.

Perhaps the lack of info online means students are happy, busy and productive.

I think people seem to be happy. I spoke to one person whose daughter is a senior. She is happy but very busy. My D visited Ithaca and didn’t love the campus feel at all so I am hoping this is more of what she thinks she wants!

My daughter was also accepted at Ithaca and we have ruled it out for the same reason. She didn’t care for the campus and disliked that she wouldn’t have easy access to a city.

She did tour the Purchase campus and facilities briefly during her interview. Although she was impressed by the editing suites, film facilities and students she met, she did describe the campus as looking “like a prison”.

Unfortunately SUNY campuses are not known for having beautiful campuses. I didn’t think it looked as institutional as University at Albany( which I attended). But she also understands it’s about the program and people and not the buildings.

For what it’s worth, she did like the Purchase dorms much more than the Ithaca dorms.

I have prepared her for the institutional feel - she really wanted to be in a city but can’t seem to find a program that she loves in a city - White Plains at least looks close and like there is good shopping and food options! From what I hear about Purchase program there isn’t a lot of free time !