SUNY (University at Buffalo) in state qualification for tuition purpose

So I was accepted to University at Buffalo a few months ago. I’m living in Michigan rn, and can’t wait to get out of high school. As the SUNY residency requirements said, after one year, if I file my tax return in New York State and show the proof that I’m planning to leave in New York permanently, I will be able to be qualified for in state for tuition purpose. However, from a few others, I’ve heard that being qualified for in state isn’t that easy. Both my parents live in another country, and only my mom works to afford my brother and my dad’s graduate school. My dad is US citizen, but my mom is not. Most people say that because my family is not in US and I have to afford myself, I am considered as independent. Do I still get a chance to be qualified for in state for tuition purpose?? Thank you!!

I can’t imagine you will qualify for instate tuition status in NY state.

@sybbie719? Your thoughts.

Oh…and you are not independent for financial aid or residency purposes just because you live here and your parents live elsewhere.

With whom do you reside?

In the very vast majority of cases, residency for undergrads is based on where their parents reside. Yours don’t live in NY state, work there and pay taxes…which help support the SUNY system.

You’re not independent for financial aid so your parents’ income will count. Residency is based on where your parents live. If you’re not a US citizen you’ll be applying as an international student.

In June, you were a junior at a high school in Michigan. Are you graduating from a High School in Michigan?
If so, getting instate residency in NY State is going to be a huge challenge.

I’m a US citizen. My parents do not live in US. They live in France. What if I work and pay tax by myself? Am I still dependent?

For residency for instate status, and for financial aid purposes, you will not be considered an independent student.

There are a couple of states where you can get instate status while attending college…but New York is not one of them.

Utah is…

@twoinanddone…am I correct?

Did you become a U.S citizen since June? If so, congratulations…

But if your dad is a U.S. citizen…why did you have a green card?

This doesn’t matter for financial aid purposes, but it does make your posts confusing.

For financial aid purposes, you are considered the same whether U.S. citizen or green card holder.

But you are not a NY state resident.

For tax purposes, you can be an independent filer if you provide more than 50% of your own support.

I don’t think that will help you for instate tuition purposes. Each state has its own rules. NY’s are pretty strict.

Utah and Missouri are two states that allow you to establish residency and get instate tuition fairly easily. Others have a more difficult process and longer timeline.

Based on what OP wrote, she will not be an independent student because:
She idi not graduate H.S in NYS
Her parents do not have a physical presence in NYS
She will never be eligible for NYS aid, be cause the age to be fully independent is 35