Superbowl and Madonna

<p>Do you think she will have a great show tomorrow?</p>

<p>Sure do...and it will be the ONLY part of the Super Bowl I watch. Hate football.</p>

<p>Oh Thumper1...if you don't watch the whole game you will miss the actual 11 minutes that the ball is really in play.</p>

<p>Football</a> Games Have 11 Minutes of Action -</p>

<p>It just takes 4 hours to fit in those 11 minutes of unabashed action ;)</p>

<p>No. Still trying to figure out of all the music "stars" out there it was decided to select her?? I usually bypass the halftime show so I won't miss anything ;)</p>

<p>"They" probably thought Madonna fit the profile of the audience. Maybe she'll give the next commencement speech at Columbia as well. How could they overlook the "new" Al Green? </p>

<p>Hard to take this kind of news seriously.</p>

<p>Might tape the Madonna part while at choir practice. Don't care about the SuperCup - as Seinfeld once noted, "you're just rooting for laundry."</p>

<p>just saw her new video online.I thought it was embarassing for her.trite lyrics, not so great vocals,poor dancing,she gets carried around alot by football players and wears knockoffs of her former glory days outfits.cringe worthy i would say for a 50 something to go retro like that. not expecting much from the half time show.</p>

<p>I've never "gotten" Madonna, even before she began to age so ungracefully. The boytoys, the Kabbalah nonsense, the adoption, the crummy movies, the unremarkable music--she exists for publicity, and I find it all very tiresome. I don't care for football, but I'd rather watch the game than this half-time show any day.</p>

<p>I am a football fan and a Giants fan so I am looking forward to tomorrow's game. The halftime show? No thanks. Everyone who knows me knows I have a negative reaction to Madonna and her performances. She has a few songs that are good for the gym. I agree with what MommaJ said but what did Madonna in for me was her attitude after she had her kids. For someone who was so "in your face" with her sexuality in the media and had tons of younger fans dressing like her in the "Like a Virgin" days to turn around after motherhood and pontificate about no TV, no magazines, no media for her OWN kids seemed very hypocritical. And the faux British accent she affects now just turns me off. </p>

<p>I'm just hoping for a few funny commercials and a Giants victory ;)</p>

<p>commercials? What are those? Are those the annoying things that used to interrupt the game before the days of the DVR and the 30 second skip button? I'll be watching my Pats all day, but I'll be an hour behind for the duration!</p>

<p>The 30 second skip also wipes out those "up close and personal" vingnettes during sport events which, of course, means that you can watch 10 days of Olympics coverage in under 45 minutes!</p>

<p>Also, known as the Ron Paul button during Republican debates! Just press it a couple of time everytime they ask him a question! :)</p>

<p>I believe I have a previously scheduled bathroom break during halftime tonight. I don't find her to be talented and as someone said above, she's not aging gracefully. Her arms in her Golden Globes dress were disturbing. </p>

<p>Now the commercials? Can't wait!!</p>

<p>Puppy Bowl for me during half time. No one was really excited about Madonna and puppies are just so darn cute.</p>

<p>i have never liked madonna--i was very disappointed she was selected to perform at half time.</p>

<p>i second the puppy bowl!</p>

<p>I like how "Mad One" (my nickname for Madonna) is doing the halftime show "for free". Guess she figured it couldn't hurt to have 110 million viewers watching it with a new album coming out...... NEXT MONTH! It might "hurt", if she bombs the performance. First woman performance (if you don't count Fergie with BEP's) since Janet "wanna see my nipple?" Jackson.</p>

<p>Rooting for my Giants! </p>

<p>I can take or leave commercials. </p>

<p>I think Madonna's produced some great songs but not interested in her stage show.</p>

<p>Watching the Pre-Pre-SuperBowl coverage here. Just saw that people are charging $350 for parking near the stadium!</p>

<p>I guess those people who are watching the superbowl just for their Giants will be sorely disappointed.</p>

<p>i did just read that cirque du soleil will also be doing something--that might help save the whole halftime show!</p>

<p>I know she's doing this song, probably as the big finale. She'll be fine...</p>

<p>Madonna</a> - Ray Of Light <a href="video">Live</a> - YouTube</p>

<p>There are a lot worse acts they could have.</p>

<p>Personally, I respect Madonna for keeping herself so fit for 53.</p>