<p>Hey everyone!</p>

<p>So I'm slightly confused. On the UVa Admissions website, the Supplement is out, and you can download it as a PDF (the paper version). But after I've added it onto My Colleges on the Common App, and I go to Supplements, it says that it's not out. So I'm kind of confused. Help anyone?</p>

<p>Dean J posted the following on her twitter account around noon:</p>



<p>I assume the OP has figured this out, but for anyone else that might stop by looking for help, there you have it.</p>

<p>We were ready to be live, but we found out that one of our questions was rejected by Common App on Thursday (highly unusual...they approved our supplement weeks ago). We had to make a last minute revision and we are waiting for Common App to approve it.</p>

<p>The Common App can "reject" a question? Amazing--really. The Common App is or should be a completely transparent and structurally neutral mechanism around which colleges design their own application forms. If it is not -- and the Common App actually arbitrates which questions can be used in supplements --- they ought to fire their lawyers. By injecting themselves into a neutral process, they open themselves up to all manner of lawsuits that naturally proceed from willful action. For example, if I find some UChicago "question" upsetting for any reason, I now have a basis of a lawsuit not only against UChicago, but against the Common App for willfully permitting the questions to be used. I just can't believe this!! Estupido!!</p>

<p>As members, we aren't supposed to ask duplicate questions. We aren't supposed to ask anything that is legally wrong. There are some other details.</p>

<p>It's totally fine. It makes sense with an organization that has about 500 members. Someone has to review all the supplements to make sure things are kosher.</p>

<p>Thanks Dean J and blueiguana! I'll just wait till it goes on the Common App website and then start writing those essays!</p>

<p>Still not available when we need to wait?</p>