Surprised by FInancial package

I’m totally shocked at how generous my son’s financial aid letter came in! He got a Traina scholarship so maybe that tipped him over but we actually hemmed and hawed over his applying because it was a bit over budget based on NPC. We let it go because he liked the school. Now it could be his cheapest option. I’m thrilled but stunned! He’s still waiting to hear back from his RD schools but this sure does put a glossy coat on Clark.

Anyone else surprised? Is it making the school more attractive to you?

They were generous with merit aid and that was a nice surprise. Are you attending accepted student days? DS liked it when he visited but now not so sure and we are also still waiting RD decisions.

Yes, he’ll go to one in April. It hadn’t been high on the list until the financial package came. There are two other schools I think would be difficult to let go if accepted but we will see. Hard to say until everything is sitting in front of you in black and white.

Best of luck to your son. Hope he has lots of really nice and affordable options.