Sva animation vs. Parsons illustration?

I’ve been accepted into SVA and Parsons for fall 2021. For Sva I was accepted into their animation program and for Parsons I was accepted into their illustration program. I like both of the schools equally and both curriculums seem interesting and fun. I spoke with an advisor from Parsons and they said I could take animation electives and minor in film or communication design, which I would love since I’m looking for a more rounded education because I’m still unsure of the specific art field I want to go into and would like options. I definitely need connections though, so which school should I choose to get a rounded animation/illustration education while being able to get internships and a good chance of getting a job after graduation ?

Hi and congratulations on your acceptances. I have a daughter who a rising sophomore at SVA studying illustration. So unfortunately I can’t speak specifically to the flexibility of SVA’s animation program. However, My daughter said that she is doing a mix of illustration and animation classes at the moment and has signed up for some animation electives this fall for her junior year. So there is some flexibility to take classes between departments at SVA. First year is alot of foundation classes and pretty fixed. It’s good that you spoke to an advisor at Parsons but you should try to speak to an advisor at SVA and balance the advice from both advisors. My daughter is only now exploring internships with her advisor so it’s too early to speak to that. So far she is happy at SVA and doing well. Good luck to you.