SVA Early Action Class of 2024

My daughter applied as a film major. She is waiting to hear from SVA.

Thanks for starting this. I applied for animation around mid-October. Portal says “application ready to be reviewed” but I keep checking it every day to see if anything changes. They told us at the Open House in October that if we applied by the Dec. 1 EA deadline, we’d hear before Xmas. Hopefully that’s still the case but their website doesn’t say. Good luck to your daughter!

I also applied EA to SVA. The new admissions portals says my application is under review and I’ll hear from them soon.

Daughter accepted today via snail mail!

Congratulations! We haven’t heard anything yet but good to know it’ll be in the mailbox and not online!

Is an acceptance guaranteed to come by physical mail? I think a friend-of-a-friend received their acceptance through email.

I don’t think anything’s guaranteed, but it doesn’t look like the portal is changing, at least for me. Just says “application ready to be reviewed.”

I got in! Check the new portal

When does SVA roll out the scholarships/aid decisions?

@insider9000 my daughters scholarship was in her snail mail package

@insider9000 Congratulations! My portal still says “Complete! Your application will be reviewed.” I wonder if they’re rolling out in waves…I will stay tuned! Hope to see you there!

@animate2002 From what I can tell, they’re being rolled out in waves by major. I hope animation applicants find out soon!

Same here @ARTBEE – Is that your major too? I will keep you posted, please do the same!

@animate2002 Yes! I’ll keep you updated as well. I really hope we both get in!

@mommek3 she got the scholarship decision for EA Fall 2020?

What’s snail mail? She received a physical package?

@insider9000 yes to both questions

@mommek3 after the portal got updated, how long did it take for your daughter to receive an email? I had submitted everything by November 16 for EA Fall 2020.

I just got an email saying I got accepted for the BFA in Design w/ the Silas H. Rhodes Scholarship (for me it’s $20,000/year)!

I logged onto the portal after and all it said was “Congratulations!” and “You will receive your detailed offer soon! Check RESOURCES to access important personalized enrollment steps as an accepted student.”

@batsbatsrats Congratulations! That’s so wonderful to hear

Congratulations @batsbatsrats !