Swarthmore Early Decisions II Class of 2024

anyone else applying early decision 2 at Swarthmore in a few weeks?

Yes, super nervous

Sent application yesterday.

me too!!

super nervous about how much they care about SATs and ACTs

It seems like they aren’t super hung up on it. During the info session when I visited, they said they could easily take more kids with near-perfect SATs/ACTs, but they reject a lot of them because they care more about other factors.

just did it yesterday, i’m freaking out

thats good to hear @quorumsenser28

Sup people! I know decision day is quite a long way off, but I was curious if anyone could elaborate on what a “mid-February” release date might mean. What have the release dates been in the past?

I’ve heard around February 7th and 8th in the past

Do you guys think decisions will come out Feb 7 or 14?

Decisions are supposed to come out on February 15th around 7 pm. I’m sooo nervous

Is that confirmed or just a solid guess?

Maybe both? I saw that date and time somewhere but I can’t find it now ??

International student here! I can’t believe it’s so close to mid-February now! I’m so nervous

Hi everyone, I noticed that in other ED II threads like for 2018, they sent an email on 2/6 that decisions were going to be released on 2/9 which was the Friday of that week. Last year, they sent an email on 2/5 that decisions were going to be released on the 8th of that week which was also a Friday. So I’m guessing that we should know by tomorrow whether decisions will be released this Friday or next week.

That would be great. I really hope they don’t delay it. I feel like I have been waiting forever but at the same time, I can’t believe it’s here…

Thanks for the info! Swarthmore is a high reach for me and I’m freaking out now

I just got an email saying that decisions will be released on Friday at 7 EST! I’m so nervous. Good luck everyone!!

Any idea how punctual they will be/have been in the past? I will be on a flight to a speech and debate tournament at that time. Ugh.