Swarthmore ED 2025

Hey! I thought I would make a conversation for fellow EDI applicants. Any idea when decisions will be released?

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Finally saw a Swat ED thread! Idk when exactly the date is tho… gonna get rejected anyway lol…

BTW, do you guys think Swat would see an increase in their ED applicants this year? I truly hope not😭

I was wondering the same thing! It will probably be just as hard to get in as any other year. How do you think Swat being test-optional will affect admissions this year?

Personally, I think the fact that Swarthmore as such a selective school being test-optional for the first time might actually encourage more applicants to apply… but not sure if they applied ED. I’m sure more ppl are applying to t20s this year due to test-optional policy.

Also I just found out that I seem to be the first person at my school in recent years to apply to Swarthmore😂 don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing? My school’s in England; private all-girls boardings school; very prestigious?

Yeah very true. The average SAT for the admitted class will be way higher this year because of it.

And wow! I hope you get in! I’m from a public school in New England, and no one from my school has gotten in to Swarthmore in the past 25 years. So very slim chance for me but I’m still hopeful haha

I hope you get in as well!!! Before I went to England I went to a middle school in CT, and I absolutely loved New England. All the best!

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I applied EDI and am so nervous. I go to a nowhere school but it has APs and I took them all so I hope that helps. Do they really judge your high school more than they judge you? I’m pretty sure that decisions are released on December 15th so mark your calendar and start the countdown! I’m hoping that very few people apply but with test-optional I think more will. I applied with my SAT score of 1420, which is in Swat’s range but towards the low end. I’m hoping they will excuse it since I only took it once and have been out of real school for months, but who knows? Anywho, good luck to y’all.

Hey there! I’m pretty sure they don’t judge you just based on your high school. The only point I was making by mentioning my high school was bc I’m actually a bit concerned that I’m the first person in recent years to apply to Swat… But you don’t need to worry, they will def evaluate your application in the context of your curriculum and ur efforts:)! Hope you get in!

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Thanks so much! I’m first gen so this is alll very stressful and a tad confusing.

I just wanted to remind y’all that you need to have your first quarter grades sent to Swat. It isn’t on our checklists but I’ve been getting emails and it says it on their website as something needed for EDI. Best of luck!

Did you guys receive email from financial-aid office asking you to upload additional materials such as non-custodial parent form etc?

I didn’t, probably because my financial aid checklist is completed. I think they send you an email about financial aid if you haven’t completed the checklist.

what materials did you upload?

My checklist had 15 materials, including tax returns, w-2s, etc. in addition to the fafsa and css.

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How was the interview?

Mine was okay. It felt a little rushed, so it wasn’t my best but I enjoyed hearing about what my interviewer was involved in. How was yours?

Does anyone know the ED notification date yet?

Did the email seem generic or written specifically to you?

i guess they sent me the email because i didn’t complete the required materials

Oh ok I was just wondering. If it was a very specific email written by a persona and not a computer, that means that they ran your financial aid info to create your package. As Swat gets thousands of applications, they only do that for applicants who are either admitted or likely to be admitted**. It would be much too expensive and take a ridiculous amount of time to run every financial aid package, even for the 1000 SAT 2.5 GPA crowd. However, if it was just a computer-generated message then it means nothing besides you need to submit your stuff. Best of luck!

**This is anecdotal but makes sense. You can find articles/posts about this phenomenon.