Swarthmore RD 2024

Just starting the discussion. :slight_smile:

When are decision released? What’s the history on the last couple of years for releases?

I think last year it was released on March 15th.

I believe decisions were released on March 15th for the past 3 years.

You think that they would release on a Sunday?

I do

sick, I am pretty excited! Swarthmore is a really cool school. Good luck everyone.

Decision date (RD) in 2018 was March 16th (third Friday of March), in 2019 was March 15th (third Friday in March) and this year the third Friday in March is… March 20th.
I think its no coincidence schools release decisions later in the week- they need to put final touches on the list during the week and don’t want 7,000 phone calls to the admissions office the next day. Doing it on Friday provides a natural "cool down’ period over the weekend. Lastly @OverseasFather mentioned on another post that the date would be close to the 20th (according to a source at Swarthmore).

Decisions on the 19th at 7
Honestly the email sounds like a rejection

I wonder if they sent the same email to everyone

We received an extraordinary pool of first-year applicants and appreciate the care and time you put into your application for the Class of 2024.

that’s what mine said

It just reminded me of what a rejection letter sound like haha. Im sure they sent the same email to everyone.

Mine said that too! That’s why I was looking for this thread.

The letter also says “*If you have already committed to enroll at another institution, or are no longer interested in being considered for admission to Swarthmore, please contact our office at admissions@swarthmore.edu to withdraw your application.” which means that we still have a shot!

My D did not get that email, and frankly she doesn’t have that big of a chance of getting in. Therefore I would count that email as a significant indication that you have a good chance!

Wait did not everybody get the part that asks you to withdraw if you committed elsewhere?

Guys, please I just realized that I forgot to send my financial aid documents at Swarthmore College. If I am admitted can I write to the office of financial aid to apply for aid to be able to attend the university ??

As long as you put on your Common App that you were going to apply for financial aid, you’ll be fine. They’ll still consider you for financial aid even if you submit the documents late.

Everyone who applied received this email unless she applied under her parent’s email/another email. It has no indication of whether you were accepted or not; just letting all the applicants whose emails they have know when decisions come out