Sweet Briar vs Washington College

These are my main two colleges that I’m considering because of the cost and opportunities. My first choice was Bryn Mawr, but due to having to pay full tuition (no aid or merit) I’ve decided it’s not worth the financial strain on my family. I was also thinking of applying to Agnes Scott College (still accepting applications) but really don’t know anything about it. Thanks for any advice!

intended major: environmental studies/neuroscience

Washington College:

  • big merit scholarship(30k net cost)
  • enviro science and new neuroscience major seem strong
  • professors seem engaged and want to teach
  • environmental center just built for research
  • campus is ~2 hours from family in dc
  • cute small little town


  • very isolated(would need a car)
  • not too many out of state/international
  • study abroad not too strong
  • very homogeneously white
  • not too many people know about it
  • acceptance rate is really high
  • found lots of instances of racism and it not being handled
  • apparently credits won’t transfer over to other colleges
  • may be too small
  • seems to be lots of sports/drinking/frat culture

Sweet Briar College:

  • largest scholarship (22k net cost)
  • would be part of the presidential scholars(honors program)
  • all women’s college
  • nice campus, lot’s of nature
  • riding stables
  • gardens/greenhouses
  • general strong commitment to sustaiblity
  • the president of the school literally called me and sent me a letter
  • class size is increasing each year
  • traditions
  • overall, everyone is super helpful and accommodating


  • ~400 students=limited classes
  • no neuroscience major(there is psych)
  • not sure how much research is done
  • very high acceptance rate/low graduation rate
  • not very well known/the fact it almost closed
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Cost and fit (the fact you applied to BMC and thought of ASC) would point to Sweet Briar.
Dig deeper into course offerings and research being conducted.

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