Swimming Club at St. Paul's School?

Can any of you tell me about the swimming club at SPS? How often do they practice? How competitive is the club? How is the quality of the coaching? Is it a year-round program? Can you offer any additional information? Thank you!

I don’t go to St. Paul’s but I remember on a virtual info session last month that the Dean of Admissions said it was intramural and not competitive.

If your S is a competitive club swimmer who is interested in going to boarding school and continue his swimming career, there are some schools that will definitely fit your criteria. Andover, Exeter, Choate, Deerfield, Loomis Chaffee, Peddie… just to name a few.
You can check out their websites and see how comparable your S’s times with their swimmers.
I know for a fact that Andover has been sending recruited swimmers to Ivies and top D3 schools for the past several years! But most important of all, the team bonding experience is amazing!!!

Unless something has changed recently, Mercersburg Academy should be considered for competitive swimmers.

@Publisher Yes! You are correct, thanks for the reminder.

George has a club team that practices at their facility, and I believe some of the more serious swimmers do that year-round in addition to the school team.