Switch roommates. Please please help. I'm desperate.

Okay so I’m loving UVA so far! I just am having one problem. My roommate has been keeping me up until 3 am on the weekdays just working. She doesnot do her work during the day and decides to wait until midnight to start. I love running and have a passion for it, so I like waking up at 5-6 to run, to clear my head and get myself ready for the day. However because my roommate keeps me up, I can’t run and I know I can’t function with such little sleep. I’ve told her and we’ve talked but if things don’t resolve…how can I change roommates or even go to a single room? I’m not paying out of state tuition so I can run on 4 hours of sleep! And I don’t think it’s fair that I have to give up a passion because my roommate works so late. I’ve tried ear buds and sleep masks but she’s too loud and I stay awake. Please help. I’m desperate and I’m living off of 3 hours of sleep.

Can she go elsewhere to do her homework – lounge, library, McDonald’s, etc.?

Why can’t you switch roommates to someone with a more compatible schedule?

See if your RA can help you mediate a solution. You might try earplugs (cheap at a drugstore) vs earbuds. If it is still a problem in a month or so, check with the housing office about switching rooms. Sometimes spots open up at winter break (students don’t return, or are studying abroad). You do want to make sure your new roommate is compatible with your times, though ( and lots of college students won’t be, although maybe not as bad as this one). Some colleges will let you meet the future roommate for a room switch, but some probably don’t. Most colleges don’t have a lot of singles for freshman, and at many schools they cost more.

Have you considered adjusting your running schedule, and running after class? Should be cooling down soon there so it would be more feasible.

Get in touch with your RA. They should have a roommate contract that you can fill out separately, come together, mediate. It will probably end up including your roommate doing her studying elsewhere after a certain time of night.