Switching from architectural engineering to mechanical engineering

<p>My son was just accepted at Cal Poly SLO for architectural engineering, which is in the college of architecture. Since applying, he has decided he prefers to major in mechanical engineering, which would involve switching from one college to another. Although I know this is discouraged, how difficult is it? He was told, during a tour, that architectural engineering is one of the most difficult engineering programs at Cal Poly, so I wouldn’t think it would be a big issue. When would be the time to talk to someone about it - before or after he starts? He is still waiting to hear from some UCs, where he applied for mechanical engineering</p>

<p>Looking for same answer, except im coming from material engin.</p>

<p>My understanding is that there is basically a set number of students that the mechanical engineering department can support (same with any department). If some students have dropped out or switched out of ME then there are openings (so there are always some). Then it comes down to how many openings and how many are applying for these openings. They will take the "best" students until the openings are filled.</p>

<p>Look at the school policy; I thought I read somewhere that you were not allowed to switch majors immediately upon entering Cal Poly. Best thing to do is call the ME department and ask what is their policy.</p>

<p>With the CA budget cuts it would seem that the number of students that ME (or any other major) will be decreasing. That is one reason why it is getting harder to get admitted. Likewise it would seem that transfers will be harder also.</p>

<p>I might suggest that you stay with the department that you initially applied to. You must have had some desire for it or you wouldn't have applied to that department. Since most freshman classes are pretty much the same no matter what form of math, science or engineering program you are in, it isn't like your wasting time. You should then investigate your current major more as well as the major you think you want ot transfer into. Who knows, you may like it just where you are. A lot of high school students don't really understand the various shades of engineering that are available until they see them in action while in college.</p>

<p>Thanks for the answer. I actually read on the site last night that you need to complete atleast one quarter before changing majors, so that most likely the same policy for engineering</p>