Switching Majors

Currently I’m undecided at California State University Monterey Bay. I don’t know weather to go into Cinematic arts or the Visual and Public art major. I was a communications design major, and I decided I didn’t want to be stuck in front of a computer for the rest of my life and my career choice, even though not clear yet, I don’t want to be doing that.
I don’t know which of these majors would be better. And I don’t want to focus on painting if I do visual and public arts.
I was kind of looking into Environmental studies also but I don’t know what jobs and what pathway that would get me to.

Why not talk to the faculty and to the career placement office at your school for information on where graduates with those majors end up? And do some information interviewing with alums from the school who have career paths that you find interesting. You want to know what advice they would have for someone trying to enter their field today, what the pros and cons are to pursuing that field, what kinds of additional training/experience would be helpful, and who else you can talk to in their field that might give you further insights into what working in x area involves.