Syracuse BFA Acting vs Chapman BFA Acting?

Hello, I will make this quick, but I suddenly got off Syracuse’s waitlist, and have been given 24 hours to make my final decision due to this late date. However, as I was waitlisted, I was not allowed to see even one class (my absolute biggest factor in deciding schools), speak to professors and ask them questions on teacher student relationships, how they talk to and communicate with students in their classes (another of my biggest factors), or, even know the actual student life or nitty gritty requirements and opportunities of the program. I only know the basic information. I have reached out to students, but, just wish I could know the information first hand so I could make an informed decision on such a big opportunity. A very high caliber of students and coursework is also a very important factor to me, which I know they have a reputation of, but, I just wish I could see how a course is taught for myself to see how it reaches me. I do not even have full access to their course catalog or program requirements, and do not have enough time for professors to get back to me (those whom I could not contact due to still having been on the waitlist) - so, I feel a little stuck, and just want to make use of and make an informed decision on such a wonderful opportunity.

I chose Chapman because I fell in love with the class I saw on Zoom, and, am very interested in being within a few hours of a large city - enough to possibly work with my agent or have the occasional audition or possible internship, and, find on screen training and work to be very important, and hope to have full opportunities to do that! The under and upperclassmen being like a family, and having professors who are there for them and care as individuals, is the last of my major factors. I am not positive either of these schools have this, but, that factor alone could sway me. It’s just that I never got to go on campus because of this virus, so, I have literally no clue if Syracuse has this type of environment. I have already reached out to students on instagram, and am looking at tours on youtube, but if anyone had a child who was heavily considering Syracuse and possibly visited and has pictures or notes on the facilities and teachers, or has a list of information they discovered through talking to faculty, or a pros and cons list, etc., that they would not mind sharing with me today - I can’t tell you how much that would help me out. I do not even know what techniques they teach - I love Meisner most, and am fine with Adler and Stanislavsky (though not into Strasberg-type method). Thank you so, so much!

@futureactress19 my daughter is going to Syracuse for Acting . She applied early decision. I posted her final decision story if you want to read it . The whole drama dept is very supportive of one another. The freshman year is a non performance year in which they all bond and it takes away all the competitiveness and is truly is supportive .they also have bigs and littles . My daughter sat in on a theatre class and loved it They are connected to Syracuse Stage too. Feel free to PM me and specific questions.

Thank you so much!