Syracuse class of 2024 regular decisions

syracuse recently congratulated the class of 2024 via twitter. it seems as though most regular decision applicants got their admissions letter… should i be worried that i haven’t gotten mine yet? does syracuse release decisions in waves?

I looked on the forums last year and Syracuse released in waves. The first wave was mostly acceptances while the second wave was mostly rejections/waitlists. However, I don’t know if they are still gonna do it like that this year.

When will the second wave be

I was about to ask the same question. Because I heard it comes in waves I’ve been waiting on mine since last Thursday when the first wave did. Hopefully soon

My daughter received an admissions letter however, no award letter yet. Does Syracuse usually notify students of Award letter at same time as Admission decision? Or is that a separate letter? Any assistance would be helpful. I called and left message but haven’t heard back as they’re closed.

@anneris1109 , any merit/scholarship is mentioned in the acceptance letter. Financial aid can be found on my slice, under Applicant Services/my financial aid

thanks so much. Also, did the CSS profile have to be filed before Scholarship/Merit $ is awarded? Or is that only for need $? TIA

When did u hear back? All my friends have heard and now I’m getting worried

we just heard last week - no news is good news and they closed the school a day or 2 after we heard so perhaps that’s why responses are a little slower now

I am so anxious about this decision cuz I don’t wanna stay in UWmadison anymore. Can’t sleep for a whole week, dying

Since I haven’t heard back yet, does that mean I’m not in or I’m waitlisted? I applied for radio, film, and tv at Newhouse

im genuinely confused because i think they’d have released all acceptances by now

Has anyone gotten any rejections yet?

I emailed the dean of transfer admission office. Since I am an international transfer student, they won’t post decision at least April. BTW I submit all materials on Jan.10th. Hope this will help u guys.


I am still waiting, I auditioned for MT

I heard mine for regular decision but havent been able to access housing applications yet. They are also already having admitted student virtual sessions for the different colleges so I dont know how that will work if people still havent heard from them yet.

I just got waitlisted for film,tv, and radio!

My stats:

3.4 GPA (my school does not weight gpa)
OOS Massachusetts
1100 SAT- 600 english, 500 math
did not visit the school
very strong essays, recs, and extracurriculars
4 AP, 3 honors classes

Did you get in? Looking back to see what happened to waitlist students?

Hi! Yes I actually did and I now go to the Newhouse School! So I got waitlisted in March and then got off of the waitlist on April 30!

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