Syracuse Fall 2021 transfer

Hey there, this is the official Syracuse Fall 2021 transfer thread, if you’re up for it, post some stats and unique stories.

I applied on January 1st and they just received all my stuff January 28th. When do you think we’ll find out??

anyone hear back?

no wbu

Last year I think the first few acceptances came back later this month. Who knows.

Has anyone heard back yet??

I have yet to hear anything, not even an email since I submitted everything.

Have you heard anything yet? I thought they’d be starting to roll out Transfer decisions around now?

Anyone heard??

Nope nothing still. I’ve heard back from every school except Syracuse now

I know a lot of RD people still haven’t heard either. A bit odd because I was hoping to hear back from them a little sooner.

I feel like i remember reading something saying of you applied around january 1st youd hear back in febuary. its weird that no one has heard…

Has anyone even received any kind of communication from the school?

just promotional emails and I have emailed someone in admissions a few times. other than that no :frowning:

What kinda promotional emails? I get emails about like transfer events and the ischool that’s about it.

yeah basically that

I applied back in November and had all documents in by January. Have no idea why they are taking so long

Agreed, I sort of assumed I’d hear back by now but even RD is so late this year that I’m guessing we still have awhile

has anyone heard any updates or contacted the school?

Nope. You could probably call admissions though. They might help.