Syracuse to-choice no money at all help

Thanks again lots to process

Do you have the 300K in a college fund for him or would you need to take on loans?

We don’t have that much we have 100000 now but will save more

How long has it taken you to save $100,000? Please do not consider the path of parent plus loans. If you ever plan to retire, or do major home repairs, or move, or have other children to put through college, you might bitterly regret going into debt for Syracuse. IMO, I think UMASS is the best option if he gets in. His chances of getting in are much improved if he makes it clear he will attend if accepted.

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So, Syracuse is unaffordable. For the first few years after graduation, he’ll have a low-ish salary if he does work in sports (glamorous but not high pay at first), and won’t be able to help you pay the loans back.
He’s very lucky you’ve saved that much for him, it’ll help him a lot.
Also, look into what minors he can add to Sports Management (to reinforce the management part: Spanish or Portuguese or French or whatever language applies to players in his sports of interest, if he’s into finding young recruits; statistics, always a plus nowadays and works regardless of sport…)

I second @Lindagaf’s idea: make sure he updates UMASS with his grades and a letter of interest- it’s easier to get off the waist if he has kept his grades up and promises to attend, v. Another waitlisted applicant who doesn’t provide either type of info. UMass has an excellent college of business and is D1, with a good alumni network.


Thank you. Didn’t think of language minor. We haven’t saved it all yet. It’s over 4 years

My daughter was accepted to Syracuse with 15k a year in merit. Though it is not 100% clear it does not look like we hae received the full aid packet yet. I have a net hard costs spreadsheet and this is by far the most expensive with its high cost of attendance. Between merit and aid she is looking at mid $40’s for net hard costs less the federal loan (which is about our EFC) to Fordham, Tulane, and Emory/Oxford. She also has offers for 10-15k less net hard costs at schools like Ithaca, Butler, Michigan State. I think if Syracuse’s aid would either increase merit or give aid to match the mid $40’s school she would choose it. She will be majoring in Theater Management at VPA and wants to minor in Newhouse. Is there any hope or should I gently steer her away from Syracuse at this point?

Statistics will also matter a lot. He’ll be required to take one course, but the more beyond that he can take (+1, +2?), the better for his professional versatility and to convey he’s not taking Sports management because it’s more “fun” (thus, “soft”) than a full management degree. That + special skills + lots of professional experience will serve him very well regardless of college. By experience I mean any sort of experience with his college’s sport teams, any professional team playing nearby /where his college may be able to place him in (even if it’s not his sport, especially freshman/sophomore year - although, obviously, working for a team in his sport of choice would be optimal, but “many are called, few are chosen” LOL :D, some experience is better than none). Inquire about recent internships for freshmen/sophomores, work study jobs with the college teams, junior year internships or externships, etc. and whether any of the internships were paid.

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I checked my portal last week and my situation is similar. We had been missing a document or two and we uploaded them Thursday. That makes me think there may be more financial aid info coming…

Not sure how UMass waitlists work, but S21 likely will not accept into Sports Management, so maybe there is hope. We just cannot make the trip to visit happen, and he got full tuition scholarship to MiamiU OH’s Sports Leadership & Management program. Not sure any sports management program is worth a premium cost as I don’t think it would necessarily translate to higher ROI.

Because sports management programs widely vary (I could give a whole TED talk), it is hard to rank, I think. Niche has a ranking, but no idea of its methodology. It has Syracuse at 20 (MiamiU OH at 21). I wish there was a ranking like P&Q does for UG biz programs.

Your son could spend the first 3 years of career doing serial internships- first at ESPN, great experience, but his pay would barely cover his commuting costs, then covering the Olympics for either a network or sports website (might include food and lodging during the event but certainly not a living wage), and then moving into a marketing role for a team or an association making $30K (would cover his rent, food, etc. if he had 4 roommates and was living in a major metropolitan area).

Loans- no. I know a LOT of kids who majored in sports management with the idea of becoming a major agent (law school? who knew you needed three MORE years of expensive education) or head of licensing at a shoe/equipment company (business school? two MORE years of expensive education?) or head of sponsorships at Coke or Pepsi (OMG, 20 years working your way up the corporate ladder?). Yes- these roles pay a lot but it takes a long time to get there.

The more typical career path is a job with a minor league team, or being director of food and beverage at a small, regional stadium, or head of membership at a chain of athletic clubs. Not pulling down the big bucks, AND it takes a while to get there.

If it were my kid? Major in something else, minor in something sports management related. Stonehill has an excellent reputation for its finance/accounting program in New England (not nationally, but you can’t have everything) and Syracuse seems completely unaffordable based on what you’ve posted. And a solid finance degree offers much better career options- even in the sports industry!- then a focused sports degree.


For Sports Mgt consider Springfield College, Western NE, Nichols or Sacred Heart in CT. Also check to see the schools that are accredited by Commission on Sport Management Accreditation (COSMA). At least you know they have universal industry standards that need to be met. Depending on what he brings to the table as a potential student, many of these schools still have money to offer to attract him. And with the right offer, it will come in lower than UMASS Amherst.

Good luck with negotiating and please let us all know!

Syracuse is my daughter’s first choice but we are waiting for the financial aid package. The $10,000 annual scholarship they offered on her admission letter is not enough to make it affordable. She can attend RPI and RIT for much, much less so I’m hoping we can negotiate if SU doesn’t offer much aid.

Thanks . Since he didn’t get anything hoping to get something. At this point 10,000 would be wonderful. Have to wait until financial aid before asking

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