Syracuse to-choice no money at all help

Every other school my son apply to gave him some form of money one school giving $100,000 over four years. But he wants to study sports management and Syracuse is a better school for that. At $73,000 for the first year zero money from the school .
Unsure about the financial aid any chance we could get some money Syracuse if we explain it’s his first choice & show grants scholarships from other schools?

Syracuse hasn’t released financial aid packages for many as of yet. Are you absolutely sure you’re not getting any money??

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answering for them, merit money would be in the letter. i didn’t get any merit money which is surprising - I will be respectfully declining their offer and moving on!

Syracuse has tightened its belt and the pandemic won’t make them loosen it. Kids with good stats who might have got money just three years ago are getting nothing. We told our son Syracuse wasn’t going to happen without merit, and sure enough, he got none. Kids with his stats from our district were getting merit money just a year or two before.

Unless the schools your son got into are more highly ranked than Syracuse, they are very unlikely to offer more money, but there’s no harm in trying. They are not going to budge, for sure, if the colleges are similar to Syracuse, or below.


This is probably dumb but how do I find ranking to compare schools?he wants sports management and the other school with best offer has new sports management program

Thanks that is what I was fearing. Sorry for you too samphil098

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Well he didn’t get any scholarships or merit which typically are mentioned in the acceptance letter.
Is this different at Syracuse?
Thanks so much

So you are saying he only got financial aid? If that’s the case, I find it odd that Syracuse didn’t give financial aid and the others did.

We need to know what other schools he got into and what financial aid you’ve received. Pleas clarify if he got merit money (scholarships), or grants or loans, or what. We can’t give constructive feedback if we are guessing.

And no, you don’t hand them the USNWR and ask them to look at the rankings. They won’t even consider giving you merit money if the school isn’t in a tier above them. So tell us which schools and we can advise you better.

Can you calculate, for EACH university your son got into (regardless of whether he is interested right now)
(tuition fees room board) - (scholarship, grants) = …
(^this is called “net cost”)

Then list each university with its net cost on this thread.

We’ll be able to tell you if you have an acceptance you can leverage with Syracuse.

Sorry new to all this. He hasn’t heard back from financial aid from any schools yet.
He received Dena’s Merit scholarships and Founder’s award totaling 92,000 over 4 years from Stonehill which is the only other school he is really considering

Stonehill is not competitive with Syracuse.

Please clarify:
Do you qualify for financial aid? Did you apply for financial aid? Have any other acceptances stated that your son is getting a scholarship? What are the other schools he has been accepted to?

Financial aid is totally separate from scholarships (merit awards). Schoarlships usually come with the acceptance and are given by the admissions office, NOT the financial aid office. Sometimes students are told they will be given a scholarship and the amount of the scholarship comes a few days later.

Scholarships are a carrot on the end of a stick. They are designed to make the student want to come to that college by offering an incentive. Merit awards (scholarships) are for students that college wants to enroll because that student has great stats or something else the college really wants. Syracuse wants your son, but they don’t want him enough to offer a financial incentive.

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Can you answer the questions in #9? It’ll allow us to help you - without this information, we can’t advise or suggest anything.

Stonehill has a good Sports Management program, but the key is to complement it with the right minor and to be VERY involved, seek out internships, etc.

Have you guys watched Ted Lasso? :slight_smile:

Sorry which question is number 9?
Loved Ted Lasso!

We have applied for aid but haven’t heard anything yet.
He has received letter of acceptance from other schools Lasalle,UNH,Western New England, Endicott. Waitlisted VTECH & UMA

@MYOS1634 means the questions she and I have asked you.

So far, it seems only Stonehill has offered you money, as MYOS1634 says the sports management program is good. You can trust her. UNH will not offer money if you are out of state, but if you are in state, that’s a good choice. Are you instate for UMASS? Frankly, if so, I think that’s a very good option.

IMO, none of the colleges he has been accepted to so far are on par with Syracuse, and I can’t see that they will give you any money other than federal financial aid that everyone is entitled to. Seems that Stonehill isn’t a bad option.

All schools offered money even UNH. I didn’t mention because he isn’t interested. He would be interested in UMASS but was waitlisted. Yes we are in MA.

I know all other schools pale in comparison to Syracuse. Since UMASS won’t give answer until after May 1 he has to decide between 100,000 for 4 years at Stonehill vs. 300,000 at Syracuse. All before we know aid packages . Newer program at Stonehill vs established well know D1 at Syracuse.
Is it more likely he will get job in major from a Syracuse than Stonehill to make the extra debt worth it? Who knows.

Thank you for all your assistance.

How much debt are you talking about?

Syracuse is more competitive for admissions than any of the other colleges to which your son got accepted. I doubt they will care much about any merit offers from less competitive schools. You certainly can inquire, but remember that merit awards are based on the strength of your application relative to the college applicants. Syracuse has a much higher bar than Stonehill.

I will say, Stonehill is a fine smaller school. So are a couple of others in that application list. If cost is a factor, spending $70,000 plus a year really isn’t a good idea. Someone is going to be saddled with huge undergrad debt…not a good idea.


Thanks again. What other schools do you think are good schools for the sports management program. I’m so lost in this arena.

Being 100% honest, I cannot in good conscience advise you to spend $200,000+ over Stonehill, unless you can do so without financial hardship.

If he wants UMASS, he can send a letter of continued interest. He can say he will definitely attend if accepted. He can send an update of his most recent grades. I suspect that he has a good chance of getting off the waitlist this year, as things are uncertain due to covid.

Meanwhile, he needs to deposit somewhere before May 1. If he then gets off the U MASS waitlist, you will likely lose the deposit, but it probably won’t be a significant amount of money. Maybe he will be lucky and get off the waitlist before then.