Syracuse University Waitlist 2025

Yes! School of Education/VPA here!

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Anyone waitlisted for CAS? Last year they took 3300/8700 (estimate) on waitlist but they said it was more than usual due to CoVID. Many students decided not to attend which gave them more room to accept waitlist. I’m hoping we can find out like last year before May 1st!

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I’m hoping we find out sooner as well. I spoke with my admissions counselor the other day(showing interest and asking questions about the waitlist) and she said that this would be a “unique year” for college waitlists as well seeing as more students applied to many different colleges this year and can only go to one. She definitely calmed my nerves a bit, so fingers crossed!


Yes, I have heard a lot of people declining their offer of admission in the past week and a half, so I am really hoping they release before May 1! That is what they did last year, so hoping for the same this year!


Hey! I was wondering if anyone knew if classics (Greek and Latin) was hard to get in off the waitlist? This is for CAS. Thank you!!

Hey all! Fellow waitlist member here for Newhouse and I’m hoping that I’ll hear back soon about whether or not I’ve earned a spot in their school. I visited campus today for the first time ever and I’ve got to say, if you haven’t yet, you need to! Unfortunately, you can’t go inside every building, though I still did get a feel for campus life despite the poor weather and COVID mandates. Like lovey8888 mentioned earlier, it’s really important to show active interest in the school if it’s truly where you want to go (this was even encouraged by the admissions officer of Newhouse himself that my dad and I talked to several times today). If you haven’t earned any awards since the beginning of the year or since applying to Syracuse, don’t fret, neither have I! With that though, I think I am going to send them a general list of the things I have done film-wise (BTW, I applied for TRF) along with how I’m still involved in my community. I hope this tidbit helped you somewhat, best of luck! :]

that’s awesome!! How did you get a tour and speak with your admissions counselor if you’re not exactly an admitted student( yet of course)? lol

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I would think applying, accepting a spot on the waitlist and writing a LOCI would be enough to show active interest. What more do they expect? This is a bit frustrating and seems over the top.

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Hi Lovey8888. thank you for sharing your experience. M y daughter is on the waitlist for Syracuse but also accepted to the communications school at American. Right now she is trying to move forward with meeting friends at American and feels the kids are like her. I’m worried if she does get in at Syracuse (Newhouse) she will not have time to find “her people” and will not be happy. Just wondering if you have any thoughts on this.

Unfortunately I couldn’t get an official tour as I’m not admitted (like you mentioned), so my dad and I did our own tour! Going into the admissions office helped a lot though since they give you resources to use and a guided map online with pinpoints and descriptions of each building. Personally, I don’t believe you need a guided tour; it’s nice, yeah, but you can’t go into any of the buildings so the guides are more so reiterating information you could probably find online or gather from a current student.

As for talking to an admission counselor, I would refer here! This is how I found the admissions counselors specific to my area and specific to Newhouse as well. It may be good to call the admissions counselor for the school you applied to as well; pick their brain a bit and what not and get as much information to help you as humanly possible!

I would think it would be enough too, though that’s not always the case. Unfortunately, you can’t account for what others are doing nor can you account for the type of connections they may or may not have. The best plan of action that my parents and I have devised is to keep trudging forward and giving them whatever I have. If it doesn’t pan out for me then there is not much more I can do. Whatever happens, I know I’ll be satisfied with my continued effort and I rather keep a positive outlook on the whole process. Don’t give up and keep trying! Best of luck.

Hi! I was admitted to Syracuse at the last minute so I was worried about this too! Once she is admitted to Syracuse she will be enrolled in a website called My college roomie where Syracuse admits take a personality quiz, upload a bio and picture and can find roommates that match their personalities and what they want in a roommate. To be honest, I did have a hard time finding a roommate at first using the Facebook groups but when I went on College Roomie I found a really good roommate. We were extremely similar, same major, same goals and interests and we got along really well. If I am being completely honest, Newhouse students are entirely set apart from other Syracuse students- they are very different from the rest of the school. In general, Newhouse students are much kinder, accepting, mature, and are really concerned about their academics, so I am sure she will find her group within Newhouse. As for the rest of the school, I will be honest and say that they are not the most welcoming group of students. No one is outright mean/rude but they are just not overly friendly or welcoming. Everyone I know at Syracuse has found their group of friends, and I am sure your daughter will find a good group. Newhouse students are a very good group of kids and the professors are really kind and caring.

Thanks for responding. Hopefully she will get in, and if so it will be earlier, not later so that the roommate situation will work out. Best of luck to you if you transfer.

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Has anyone heard of someone getting off the waitlist yet?

Good luck to your daughter! I have had two daughters who have attended SU, Class of 2020 & Class of 2022, and a daughter that will be Class of 2025. I can tell you that outside of Newhouse the students are also kind, accepting, mature, and concerned about their academics. As with everything there are all types of people everywhere. My daughters have friends from every school at SU and they are fantastic. I can assure you that if your daughter gets off the waitlist and chooses SU she will meet great people!


Thank you for sharing this information. My son will be attending SU in Fall 2021, BFA Acting. This is the school he wanted and never thought he would get in. He is looking so forward to SU.