Syracuse University Waitlist 2025

Some colleges are extending the May 1st deposit date due to Covid. Others are making it refundable for a short time. We were unable to get an in-person tour at her 2nd choice college until after May 1st so they are extending deadline. That gives us another week to hear back from Syracuse–might be worth looking into–good luck!

Has anyone heard back from admissions?? I know this time last year they started notifying people?

We have not heard a thing! :frowning:

Someone on the regular decision thread noted that the decision date was pushed back from 5/1 to 5/15 because financial aid packages had not been completed for some of the regular decision applicants. Not sure how that will affect them starting to make decisions from the waitlist.

Oh okay, I hope they start notifying us soon!

Me too!! :slight_smile:

I called the admissions general line and she mentioned that very few were sent out but its all different depending on the college and program

Really?! Did she say if there’d be more sent out in the coming weeks?

She just said keeping checking our emails


I just got a call!! I got off the waitlist!!! I’m sooo excited!!!


Omg congrats!!! Do you mind me asking what major/school?

My son just got a call too!! He got off waitlist! We are so excited. CAS, Biology!


yayy!! congrats, was this his first choice?

just got off the waitlist for political science at maxwell!! I’m screaming