Taft v. Governor's v. Tabor

<p>Any insightful thoughts or observations are appreciated.</p>

<p>Taft is a lot better than the others! No comparison!</p>

<p>I don't really think you can say if one is better. I'd go to the revisit days and see which one clicks with you. Personally I'd lean toward Tabor.</p>

<p>got into tabor as my safety so.....</p>

<p>They are very different in terms of size and feel. Revist days are a must. For us, we considered 2 of the three but ended up not applying to any of them. However, we felt the feel and tone of them to be very different. From the locations to the campus, etc. There is another thread about looking at your priorities - take a look at that one carefully. It had great info. I think after the revisits you'll KNOW which feels better.</p>

<p>THERE IS **NOT **ONE OF THEM THAT IS "BETTER" than the others. It is which one is better for YOU. Only you and your parents can decide that.</p>

<p>go to governors thats where im going haha.</p>

<p>they are all excellent
however, it all depends on what environment you want
if you want a competitive environment witha good matriculation TAFT
if you want to be nurtured and be witha group of supportive students TABOR/GOVERNORS</p>

<p>id say ttheyre all good but taft has the best academics. But since ur a laxer I also hear that Tabor has a rly good lax program.</p>

<p>Again, I say, YOU need to look at the schools and the environment you want. Taft does NOT necessarily have the best academics for YOU. Clearly you are a bright student who is up to an academic challenge. </p>

<p>Another thing to look at is where will YOU excel? In terms of acadmeics, athletics, and also socially and other EC's.<br>
What are your academic interests? What language do you want to take? Where is it offered? What kind of science are you interested in? Where is it offered?<br>
Music? Drama? Woodworking? Art? Photography?<br>
Location of campus? "Feel" of the campus?<br>
Have you had a chance to meet with the lacrosse coaches?<br>
There are a lot of variables that go into it.</p>

<p>I like Tabor but I go there so I'm probably a little biased to share my opinion! Revisit days will tell you a lot. Good luck!</p>