Taking a credit/no credit course on top of a full load?

<p>I know many professional/grad schools look down on taking c/nc (aka pass/fail) courses, but would it be okay if I took one (5 credits) on of top a full load (16 credits). The class would be review and a way to keep my language profiency up. It is not a requirement for my major.</p>


<p>i once took a course pass/no pass (I'm an engineering student) and I really don't think anyone cared as long as it wasn't something required for the degree.</p>

<p>we are allowed to take one general education course (of about 8 required) pass/no pass and in fact we're encouraged to do so since it is allowed.</p>

<p>I WANTED to do that so badly, but my advisor wouldn't let me over register. that *****.</p>