Taking a foreign language in college

I took two years of Spanish in high school. I did fine and got A’s but knew that it would get much harder as I go to a rigorous private high school. I really don’t want to take spanish in college because I would rather take classes that will help me explore career interests. Any advice on this or a way out? I was thinking about taking it at a community college and making sure credits transfer. I’m interested in accounting, econ, or business-related majors!

Here are my top schools (it’s difficult finding whether they require GenEd language classes):
DePauw, Clemson, UTampa, Miami Ohio, UIUC, Alabama, Purdue, Baylor, tulane, Miami Florida, northwestern

I can speak to Purdue - There is no language requirement and they only require a minimum of 2 years of HS FL.

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You need to look at the requirements for the specific major and at the requirements for the specific college/division of the university. So yes, it will take some digging.

Likewise, it isn’t always easy to find out if credits will transfer. But it is usually really easy to find out if CLEP or AP exam credits are accepted for placement and/or credit. So search the websites for that information.

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I’m confused since the website said “ Curricular Outcome: Demonstrated breadth of knowledge and cultural appreciation. College of Science students are expected to develop an understanding of at least one other culture in addition to their own through learning a language, taking culture and/or diversity courses, or participating in an approved Study Abroad experience.

This nine-credit core requirement may be met by satisfaction of one of the following options:

  1. Three (3) courses in an approved language.
  2. Two (2) courses in an approved language and an approved CULTURE OR DIVERSITY COURSE.
  3. Two (2) courses in an approved language and an approved short-term study abroad program (not less than 8 days) containing a minimum 3-credit course and significant immersion in the local culture. See your Academic Advisor for more information.
  4. Three (3) approved culture or diversity courses. See Requirements.
  5. An approved study abroad experience. Students will meet the intent of the Foreign Language and Culture requirement through completion of an approved study abroad program. Once approved, a non-credit waiver will be applied to a student’s myPurduePlan audit. Students will then complete nine credits of elective coursework to meet their 120-credit hour degree requirement. Students wishing to use an approved study abroad program to meet the Foreign Language and Culture requirement are required to complete the Experiential Learning Contract process.”
    This is for college of science which my first choice major is in. My second choice is finance in Krannert.

Spanish language skill could be useful in some business-type careers.

@ajwetzel, the requirement at Purdue can be met by doing any one of the 5 listed options. Options 4 and 5 do not include a FL class requirement.

As @happymomof1 pointed out, the info is there. Look for ‘graduation requirements’.

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I assumed you were applying to Krannert with your intended major, but as noted above, you can do a study abroad or take diversity courses to meet the requirement.

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Actuarial science is actually in the college of science! My second choice (finance) is in krannert. Thanks for the suggestion!