Taking an AP Class Without Taking the AP Exam

If I take an AP Class and score an A at the end of the year, but I choose to not take the AP Exam for whatever reason, does that affect my AP Class score?

It should not, but check with your school. Not taking the exam will only impact if you want college credit. Depending upon the AP score, many colleges may not even give college credit.

That depends on your high school’s policy. You should speak to your teacher and guidance counselor.

I have heard of high schools that require students to take the AP exam, but it isn’t often compulsory. Those schools that do make you take the exam usually pay for the fee, though. If in the past, you have had to sign up for and pay those exam fees, that’s probably a good sign it is optional. Do check with your guidance counselor as that is the only way to know for certain.

I would hope not, but it sounds like some schools have goofy rules.

So, as noted, check with yours for a specific policy.

I must admit that I’m curious how something is required but not compulsory.

Sorry… meant it is not compulsory in most schools. ?